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Light up your music with the iFi Aurora

Music is the most emotive of art forms; it soothes stress, raises spirits, infuses positive energy and evokes precious memories…
At times like these, music is valuable to nourish the mind and fuel the soul.


To maximise music’s emotive power, you need the right audio system. Play music on the Aurora – a premium-level wireless music system from British audio specialist iFi – and its scale, energy and detail are fully conveyed thanks to the unique collection of audio technologies nestling within.

With a cabinet crafted from bamboo and elevated by a distinctive aluminium frame, the Aurora is a single-box audio system that looks and sounds like no other. It connects to a home Wi-Fi network, enabling users to stream music via their favourite apps, or play audio files stored on networked devices such as computers and hard drives. Bluetooth is also included for straightforward pairing with any smartphone or tablet. Whether playing music from services such as Spotify or Tidal, or surfing thousands of internet radio stations, the Aurora has your digital audio lifestyle covered.

The Sound

 The Aurora fills the room with sound, just as the Aurora Borealis fills the sky with light, electrifying music and immersing the listener in the creativity of their favourite artists. No other single-box system sounds so big and enveloping, making music come alive with such stirring scale and energy, as if you’ve been transported in front of a live musical performance.


The Design

The Aurora’s eye-catching style was created by French designer Julien Haziz, inspired by the architecture in Tokyo’s Omotesandō and Harajuku districts. Six drive units sit behind the bamboo fins that curve around the sides, with an additional pair of bass radiators firing downwards from beneath the cabinet.

“We wanted to create a music system that stands out amidst the ubiquitous, cloth-covered speaker boxes,” Haziz told Esquire magazine. “A design that turns heads, entices, intrigues and makes people want to hear how it sounds. Yet its form perfectly mirrors its function.”


The Tech

Four core audio technologies combine to deliver the Aurora sonic experience. ‘PureEmotion’ fuses classic valve and advanced solid-state amplification to convey the music’s heart and soul; ‘SoundSpace’ fully exploits the custom-made driver array to create a remarkably spacious performance; ‘ART’ (Automatic Room Tailoring) uses ultrasonic sensors to tailor the sound to suit the room; and ‘TrueBass’ delivers the kind of deep, accurate bass that other all-in-one music systems can only dream about.

The Aurora is hi-res audio enabled, supporting data up to 32-bit/192kHz via Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet. Bluetooth streaming is also state-of-the-art, delivering exceptional sound quality thanks to iFi’s expert engineering and compatibility with all the latest 24-bit Bluetooth formats.


The Acclaim

Critics across the media are effusive in their praise for the Aurora.

The Financial Times calls it “iconoclastic hi-fi”, T3 says it “looks and sounds like a work of art” and Esquire admires the “striking statement” made by its design and performance.

Business Life describes it as “strikingly beautiful” with “incredible sound”, while high-end hi-fi journal Hi-Fi+ is astonished that a ‘lifestyle’ system can deliver such a “richly rewarding hi-fi experience”.

Forbes sums it up perfectly, declaring that “this modern art piece is also a killer wireless audio system” with a sound that will “blow you away”.


A head-turning design statement that delivers outstanding sound, the iFi Aurora wireless music system is available now at selected retailers, priced at £1,499.

Click here for more details about the technology that makes the Aurora such a shining light among one-box wireless music systems.

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