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iEMatch+ from iFi audio

Do your earphones suffer from pop and hiss? Sound quality just not quite ‘there’ at normal listening levels?

You need the iEMatch+

Cookie-Cutter ‘Sub-Sonic Filter’

Tom Evans who makes very nice phono stages made the following astute comment:

A rumble filter simply adds to the bass cut making your already “cut” records sound bass light. Plus, it “time-steps” the bass in relation to the higher frequencies (where our hearing is most sensitive) so much so it can confuse the ear into believing the bass is playing out of tempo.

iFi solution:

Since the very first iPHONO launched in 2012, we have used our own in-house ‘Subsonic Filter’. It made it into the iPHONO2 and the iPHONO3 and now, the ZEN Phono which is the very first time this filter is seen in such an affordable price level.

As there is only minimal vertical modulation remaining at very low frequencies with an an actual cut LP that is playable, we know that “vertical modulation” at low frequencies must be warp.

So we designed a filter to take advantage of this.

This is not artificial but real knowledge. By understanding fully how LPs are cut and replayed,  it is possible to filter record warp strongly without at the same time attenuating low bass or adding group delay.

The all-new iEMatch+

Give yourself and your music a break. No more noise from background source hiss and no more listening at ridiculously high volume so you get the ‘most’ out of your music.

Use iEMatch+. It works with all 3.5mm balanced devices. Switch between single-ended or balanced operation to suit your needs.

It gives you

  • better sound
  • increased dynamic range
  • reduced background hiss
  • clearer vocals
iEMatch+ from iFi audio

The perfect match

Just connect between your headphones/iEMs and the output of your smartphone, DAP (digital audio player) or music source to simply and instantly improve playback.  

  • Regains 16.24 Bit audio resolution
  • 12.24dB noise reduction
  • 0% frequency loss

Adjust the desired volume ‘on-the-go’ to ensure a safe, comfortable listening level whilst enjoying lower background noise and maximum dynamics.

Sensitivity solved

The iEMatch+ gives you two sensitivity settings:

  • High – for high sensitivity headphones (reduces gain by 12dB)
  • Ultra – for ultra sensitivity headphones (reduces gain by 24dB)

We suggest trying both to see which listening level works best with your headphones and your listening preferences.

iEMatch+ from iFi audio

Wired. And then some.

The minZ™ cable construction is a custom helix design. It is minimised in both capacitance and inductance.

The minZ™ helix construction also provides intrinsic shielding and protects the cable from RFI and EMI noise.

This ensures the cleanest possible transfer medium.

Balanced or Single-Ended? iEMatch+ automatically converts to give you the best listening experience using the 3.5 TRRS-Balanced headphone jack.

There is no need to switch to SE to use a single-ended headphone with a TRS (3-connection) plug. The conversion to single-ended is automatic. The switch can be set to BAL or SE with no ill effect.

If using a balanced headphone with the TRRS connection, leave the switch on BAL. If you discover a channel is missing, please switch to SE as your music source only supports single-ended operation.

If using a headphone with a microphone, please switch to SE. The microphone will be disabled.

Do you know that you normally lose at least 2Bits of resolution when listening to your favourite tracks at normal listening levels?

This is because you can’t listen at full volume. Well, you can but you run the risk of damaging your hearing.

Using the iEMatch enables you to turn up the digital volume and get those 2Bits back safely.

Read our tech note to discover more.

The iEMatch+ uses premium components throughout.

  • 6N silver/copper matrix wiring with FINAL 6063-T5 aluminium-magnesium shell
  • Gold plated printed circuit board with audiophile components eg MELF resisters
  • Gold plated 3.5mm male/female connectors

Add in the minZ™ helix cable construction and it’s definitely game, set, iEMatch+.


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Input Impedance> 16 Ohm
Output Impedance< 2.5 Ohms (High-Sensitivity)
< 1 Ohms (Ultra-Sensitivity)
Weight12.8 g (0.45 oz)
Total Length116 mm (4.6")
Warranty period12 months
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Travel accessories includedGold plated airplane adapter
Soft foam contoured ear plugs (-37dB)
Fabric travel pouch

The hiss goes away

“With sensitive in-ear monitors this would definitely benefit if you hear a hiss, it makes the hiss go away and won’t change your sound quality.”

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Arion's Review

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Glowing review from one of our customers!

I’ve been a full time professional musician for almost 25 years (Blue Man Group). This is the most important piece of equipment I use. I won’t use any In-Ears or Headphones without it. Most importantly it makes the range of volume MUCH safer, and it puts the volume knob where it should be for maximum fidelity. Thank you for making this product. I’ve seen many musicians get permanent hearing damage (accidents) from what can happen when headphone amps are too powerful for low impedance in-ears (including myself). I use the iEMatch+ every day. One feature that would be nice for professiona use is to have both the male and female connectors feature a threaded connector so they can be screwed down and unable to be accidentally disconnected during a performance. I currently use gaffer’s tape to hold everything together, but it’s not very elegant. That being said, as long as the iEMatch+ doesn’t get physically yanked out of the input, it has proven to be a reliable piece of hardware even without the gaffer’s tape; I’ve been using them on all my headphones/in-ears for years now. I tell every musician I know to buy them.

Todd Waetzig- Las Vegas USA

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LA PULCE NELL’ORECCHIO il Nirvāṇa dell’ascolto a passeggio: iFi iEMatch+ e DragonFly by Audioquest

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The Oppo PM-3’s perfect mate.

First of all, I purchased this item in order to tame a little high frequency grunge that my LG V-20s produce when they feed Drop’s e-mu little purple heart wood headphones. But alas, the iFi iEmatch is an attenuator and so the volume suffered on the PH woodies. There was some satisfaction when I connected the iEmatch+ to an Atom Pro usb-c dongle connected to a 2019 iPad Pro. The sound was absolutely pristine using Qobuz as a source, but it still had a hard ceiling in terms of volume. However if that was the end of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say, I would’ve been quite happy to have kept the iEmatch+ as a simple answer to lower late night listening.
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A lovely well made addition to the listening experience available from Ifi

This is another brilliant piece of kit from Ifi. Ifi are a Company really working their socks off creating high quality gadgets that improve the quality of sound available to us all from our devices. More and more people these days are listening on the go, and this little gadget enhances the sound coming to your earphones from your preferred source of sound. Well worth the spend. Keep up the good work Ifi.


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