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PowerStation by iFi audio — extension block with in-built active noise cancellation

Our audiophile extension block brings super quiet mains power to your system.

Whatever your set-up, digital, analogue or both, the PowerStation will ensure your system receives super quiet mains.

Power to the people

The iFi PowerStation is for everyone who likes their audio interference free.

It comes in 4 variatons – UK, EU and AU with 6 individual sockets and USA/JAPAN with 8.

Put a stop to RFI or EMI noise and enjoy pain-free audio – all from one solid, snazzy dark anodised aluminium power block.

PowerStation by iFi audio — extension block with in-built active noise cancellation

Ready, steady, go.

The PowerStation uses iFi’s Active Noise Cancelation II to ACTIVELY eliminates noise across the frequency range, even across the lower frequencies.

Each outlet has added passive filters to also eradicate noise from the very highest frequencies.

Nothing left to chance…

Each outlet is independently isolated in its own chamber to prevent cross-contamination, with the addition of vibration-damping EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

We use PurCopper – a form of 99.9999 per cent pure OFHC (oxygen-free high-conductivity) continuous-cast copper – for its superior conductivity.

Gives you the earth…

The PowerStation has inbuilt earth/ground and polarity detection.

No earth/ground can lead to annoying buzzes and hums – the scourge of audio.

We’ve added a 4mm banana socket to the PowerStation so a grounding cable can be used to create a ground/earth when one isn’t present.

Bingo, the sound is gone.

PowerStation by iFi audio — extension block with in-built active noise cancellation

…but keeps you grounded

And the PowerStation is smart. The supplementary ground/earth connection will NOT introduce a ground loop EVEN if the system is already earthed.

More than one earth would also create a ground loop leading to more buzzing and humming and we don’t want that.

Fiercely protective

Polarity detection is vital if you don’t want to hamper the quality of your audio mains. With the PowerStation, this is built-in.

And never fear, max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS surge protection is also here. If it detects a power surge or a mains short, the PowerStation will shut down, protecting your downstream equipment from peril.

PowerStation by iFi audio — extension block with in-built active noise cancellation

Not so humble beginnings

The PowerStation doesn’t forget where it came from – the original AC iPurifier.

You can still use your original AC iPurifier with the PowerStation – use them to separate your digital and analogue devices for even less noise contamination.

Power System Kit

Save money on your Powerstation by purchasing the new Power System Kit Bundle.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) reduces unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound wave specifically designed to cancel out the first. This basically results in no sound at all as it reaches unwanted sound even at the lowest frequencies.

Passive noise cancellation is done by means of insulating filters and works best on the middle to high frequencies. It does not work on the lower frequencies meaning that some sound can still be heard.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) reduces unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound wave specifically designed to cancel out the first. This basically results in no sound at all as it reaches unwanted sound even at the lowest frequencies.

Passive noise cancellation is done by means of insulating filters and works best on the middle to high frequencies. It does not work on the lower frequencies meaning that some sound can still be heard.


A busbar is simply a conductor through which current flows.

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

EMI is a type of interference caused by errant and unwanted electromagnetic waves that are received and amplified by an audio system. They cause some of the annoying ‘audio gremlins’ we often talk about.


In simple terms, polarity refers to the way a signal flows.

Audio signals generally flow one way, like DC current, and have positive polarity. Inverting the polarity can have a negative impact on sound and equipment.

RFI (Radio-frequency interference)

Radio-frequency interference (RFI) is very similar to electromagnetic interference (EMI) but is found in the radio frequency spectrum. It is another source of irritating, unwanted noise often talked about as an ‘audio gremlin’.

Top tip: just don’t add water.

Our Wireless Purification System (WPS) is a complex circuit that reduces power line noise without audible or measured side-effects.

This is important because other solutions while attempting to curb noise, also hamper dynamics.

Our Intelligent Ground is a smart diagnostic tool. It will only actively provide an earth/ground connection if your system needs one. It will NOT create a ground loop if the system is already earthed/grounded.

The Over-voltage Surge Protection (OSP) is an auto detection and cut-off circuit.

Should it detect an excessive power surge or short in the mains electricity it will automatically cut off. If this issue persists, it will not reboot and will protect your equipment from harm.

It is effective to max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS.

Based on military tech, our improved Active Noise Cancellation II®  actively cancels all incoming noise.

It does this in a similar way to active noise-cancelling headphones – it generates a signal identical to that of the incoming electrical noise but in the opposite phase, actively cancelling it out. This is highly effective at removing low- and mid-frequency noise, while passive insulating filters deal with higher frequency interference. This combination is measurably more effective at eradicating noise corrupting the USB signal than devices relying solely on passive filtering.

You can use AC iPurifiers in the PowerStation.

The more AC iPurifiers you use, the cleaner the overall power. If the AC iPurifier is placed in the middle of the PowerStation it will also act as a noise shield. Noise is reduced, isolated and confined to the respective left/right sections of the AC iPurifier.

Use it to separate your analogue and digital devices.

The LED indicators show Polarity and Earth detection. As usual, green is good, red signifies an issue.

There are four possible combinations and these can be found in a brief table in the User Manual. This tells you what the issue is and suggests how to remedy it.

PurCopper – a form of 99.9999 per cent pure OFHC (oxygen-free high-conductivity) continuous-cast copper – is used extensively for its superior conductivity.

This includes 13 AWG, heavy-gauge internal wiring with multi-layered polymer insulation, solid PurCopper busbars and the conductive elements of the outlets themselves.

This is an active not a passive product. As can be seen from the graph, it cancels far more noise across the frequency range than a passive product.

Active filtration is MUCH better in the lower frequencies, at -40dB. Passive filtration is only truly effective in the very top-end of the frequency range.

Discover more about passive v active filtration and noise contamination here.


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Noise reduction> 40dB (> 100x)
Surge Protectionmax. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS
Operating Voltage90V – 265V
Sizeø 478mm (l) x 96mm (w) x 76mm (h)
ø 18.8′ (l) x 3.8′ (w) x 2.9′ (h)
Weight1.98 (kg) / 4.37 (lbs)
Warranty period12 months

” For the money this is a fantastic product!”

Discover more by watching the full review.

Audio Revue

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PowerStation review on (review in Polish)

“We get a clean and resolving sound without electro-waste, which makes it impossible to break away even from albums known by heart before the last note is played.”


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Fernando Meza talks about iFi’s PowerStation

“The PowerStation has a solid construction, very good quality! The technology is very amazing, well above its price, with active noise cancellation! After my tests I have no other option but to integrate the PowerStation into my system!” 

Fernando Meza

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Chris Guinan talks about PowerStation

“You can see how having active noise cancellation would be a much bigger benefit. You don’t have to worry about separate components introducing extra noise to your other components. I heard more clarity for the most part; the reduction of noise system made it possible to hear definition and dynamics my current rig is producing. For me, it’s a sonic upgrade that improves the overall sound of my system”

Chris Guinan

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Intense silence!

“The difference in sound quality we heard with and without the PowerStation was immediately noticeable for the better but without the immediate wow factor. This ultimately turned out to be better since the initial impression instead of fading with time was consolidated and matured to such a point that listening without the power station proved to be incomplete.

Silence so intense that in the evening hours even at low volume as in the system with headphones it gave us a chilling listening experience with shocking detail that we had rarely heard until then.”

Petros Laskis

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Review Acondicionador Eléctrico Power Station de iFi

“The PowerStation is solidly built! It has Active Noise Cancellation! It’s also going to protect your system investment, for the price of this device, all the benefits it has, it’s amazing!

The PowerStation provides tremendous silence that my system has never given me before!”

Thanks to Fernando for this review of the PowerStation. Glad you loved it.


Asociación de Audiófilos

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iFi audio PowerStation: Best money ever spent.

The iFi PowerStation aided by an iFi DC blocker is an excellent and really effective solution to kill mains noise and greatly improve your listening experience.


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Perfection exists and with power cord it is finished; sublime.

Product is truly perfect. sound is greatly improved, while balance is not changed. with powercord it is fine. no noise. sublime.


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iFi Power Station Mains Purifier

“iFi produce some lovely kit, and the PowerStation is no exception. Normally ‘conditioners’ add to the sound; after all, they are basically a tone control. The PowerStation was different. It left me engaging in more of the music, with noticeably tighter bass, greater definition and dynamic control.”
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Hifi Pig

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Test: iFi PowerStation power strip and AC iPurifier

Thorsten Lösch, the busy developer of iFi Audio, surprises us again and again with ingenious solutions on the subject of HiFi. And because more and more electronic users put more and more loads on the power grid, it would be a miracle if Lösch didn’t have some ideas ready here too. One of them is the iFi PowerStation power strip, which of course is anything but a “normal” power strip …

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iFi “PowerStation”, supresión de ruido activa terminé comprándolo

Watch the full review here…


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iFi “PowerStation”, supresión de ruido activa vs Audioquest Niagara!

Click the link to watch the full review.

De Audiofilos y Locos

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Worth every penny…plus includes AC iPurifier built in !!

The iFi power-station is a very solid, well built product and in my opinion worth the money paid…so far my first few months of ownership with a pair of these have been great, the unit is dead silent and I have noticed a slight difference in video as well as a dark, very quiet ? audio background✅ which is of upmost importance.

The unit itself is nicely weighed and thoughtful shaped to easily fit in behind gear, but if it needs to be placed out in the open, has an overall modern look and feel. Thanks iFi for a great product, like most people I too at first skipped paying for a solid power supply block, but after doing the research on your product along with some product breakdown views and insider vision on the build and inner workings, I decided I couldn’t put off not having quality power blocks any longer.

These are well built and fairly priced for what you get….?


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The iFi PowerStation AC Line Conditioner

“With the introduction of the PowerStation, the clever folks at iFi have stuffed some remarkable power conditioner technology into an attractive device at an even more attractive price.”

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Positive Feedback

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Power Play

“…the PowerStation is a seriously impressive addition. It delivers a meaningful improvement over more conventional mains devices and combines this with some useful and well-implemented additional features. Throw in the excellent build quality, reasonable looks and scope for a little further upgrade and you have a very fine mains conditioning unit indeed”

Click this link to read the full review

Hi-Fi Choice

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“…with the PowerStation engaged I was floored by how much deeper, clearer, and harmonically rich the voices of the trumpet and piano sounded, and by how much more focused the reverberant acoustics of the recording space became.”


(Click name to read original review)

Finally, a power conditioner that works.

Over the years I’ve tried all the usual suspects of power conditioners and power regenerators, most of which didn’t solve my problem of noisy power in the evening hours. All were eventually sold, including the PS Audio P10 power regenerator I tried last year for some months. This unit has worked like none of the others have. Amazing. Solid build quality is also a plus.


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Expensive, but (for me) very effective

I live in an old building from the 30s and the last refresh of the house electrical system was more than 50 years ago. At the same time, I have neighbors who like to indulge in all kinds of hobbies with pre-historic machines at the weekend. Especially when you have time to listen to music in peace, you can be sure that the loudspeakers will also make quiet whistling, crackling or crackling. So far, these disturbances have been fairly well suppressed to a tolerable level by line filters from the hardware store.

My last new acquisition (a streaming preamp) reacted so fussy to the network interference that listening was really no longer fun. So the alternative was: exchange the device, finally let the electrician lay the long planned separate line from the meter box – or try something completely different.

I had used a power supply from ifi for a problematic device some time ago, so I knew the brand and the basic idea of ​​active interference compensation. At the time, however, I was not really convinced of the result. Nevertheless, I wanted to give ifi another chance, but I almost ordered the (expensive !!!) bar with the expectation that I would have to send it back.

In fact, the results in my application scenario are so convincing that I can only advise anyone with real network problems to try the part: Not only are all of the above-mentioned faults gone, but the system’s noise floor is also significantly lower. Incidentally, the active interference compensation affects the entire strip, but each socket has its own line filter. If you suspect that one of the system components is affecting the others on the network side (!), The bar is also worth trying.


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Really good quality

Great power strip. I’m getting better sound from my ps audio amps and mytek Brooklyn dac +. Better than Furman and Furutech that I have used. Clean natural sound.


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iFi audio PowerStation

For years iFi audio has been known mainly for quality DACs, headphone amps and multiple handy accessories mainly associated with USB. In late July 2019 this operation’s portfolio expanded in the not exactly new but quite intriguing direction, which resulted in today’s arrival – iFi audio PowerStation. Enjoy!

HiFi Knights

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iFi’s Audio’s AC iPurifier is a small, cylindrical, plug-in mini-power conditioner that plugs directly into AC outlets. Each AC iPurifier uses iFi’s distinctive Active Noise Cancellation circuitry. The AC iPurifier can detect polarity and/or earthing problems. There is also a 4mm banana-socket for adding supplemental earthing wires if desired. Finally, the AC iPurifier provides surge suppression to a maximum of 30,000A @ 1,000V/10ųS.

We were surprised by the nature and magnitude of the sonic improvements the PowerStation/AC iPurifiers wrought. Along with quieter backgrounds, the reviewer felt that, “really significant gains came in the form of deeper levels of textural and transient details.” He concluded that, “I recommend the iFi PowerStation and AC iPurifiers for the simple reason that they help unlock more music for less money than other competing power conditioners I have tried. You cannot say fairer than that.”


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Hands-On With The Remarkable iFi PowerStation Power Conditioner/Power Strip/Surge Protector!

Putting together a high-quality hi-fi system, especially on a budget, is a daunting proposition.‌

There are so many variables at play, ranging from speakers, amps, sources, cables, not to mention your personal preferences.

After you read through all the reviews, get a gauge on what gear works for you, audition stuff, then plunk your hard-earned money down on a system that appeals to your ear, you may be ready to exhale and enjoy some music.

But wait! You’re not done. The quality of the power you get from the wall outlet also affects the quality of sound coming from your system. Many devices in the home, like televisions or even the power supplies used by your audio equipment, can introduce electrical noise…

Hi-Fi Trends

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Not cheap but you get what you pay for

This is a 500 squid behemoth. It isn’t pennies but one third cheaper than other similar professional grade mains extension blocks. Out of the box this thing is a hefty beast. It comes with a cheap power cord but if you bought this you would have your own aftermarket to add-on I guess.

I wired it into an LG OLED 55B7V and I felt the picture quality improved slightly. Don’t expect miracles as this is a £3,000 retail TV but if it improved the picture to this and the sound out of my Sony AV surround sound amp then worth it.

I find sky sports picture quality and Netflix are the two most obvious ones to pick out improvements. Don’t rely on BBC or ITV! I spoke to their support team and they suggested later to try their AC purifier which further adds another layer of filtering. Will try that later and report back. But so far, so good.


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In the audio world, music lovers seem to increasingly agree that a good power supply promotes sound quality. Yet not every music lover is in possession of a power conditioner or net filter. Is it the purchase costs?

From importer Network Media Systems we received the very affordable iFi PowerStation. The price won’t stop anyone anymore, but does the filter do what iFi Audio promises?

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iFi PowerStation review: Tank

Back when I started writing this blog I thought I would write about speakers, headphones, amplifiers and the like. Multiple sockets, though? No, I did not imagine that. But hey, we’ve got to be open-minded, right?

So when the kind people over at iFi asked me if I wanted to review their newest creation, the massive iFi PowerStation, I said “why not?”. And I’m glad I did, because the PowerStation is a bit of a holy grail to my noise-ridden setup. It’s not really the ultimate solution as it doesn’t take all the noise away, but it removes a chunk that’s large enough for it to be barely noticeable. Believe it or not, iFi did it!

Soundphile Review

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iFi Audio Powerstation – review

I have no clue about this sort of stuff but I attempted a review. I can say this with confidence, it works! iFI Audio has made a believer out of me.


(Click name to read original review)

Test: iFi PowerStation power strip and AC iPurifier

Thorsten Lösch, the enterprising developer of iFi Audio, surprises us again and again with ingenious solutions for HiFi. And because more and more electronic users are increasingly burdening the power grid, it would be a miracle if Lösch did not have some ideas here as well. 

One of them is the power strip iFi PowerStation, which of course is anything but a “normal” power strip …


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IFI Powerstation – The “slipper” that cleans the house current – Review

“IFI Powerstation is one of the few air conditioners that have an AC filter inside and was able to solve the vibration problem of my power amp.”

“Powerstation is an excellent multi-outlet filtered both in terms of construction and function”

“Thanks to the AC Purifier it is able to clean up the network from the direct current that causes vibrations with the large toroidal and has solved a problem that I carried with me for some time and that I had never solved even with air conditioners more costs”


(Click name to read original review)

Exceeded my expectations!

I was very eager to try the PowerStation and had high expectations for this product. Well, the PowerStation exceeded my expectations! It’s very robust and good looking. Before, when I used to listen to my music, I noticed there was an interference which was coming from my mains.

This has now been eliminated, and my music has never been better. I also love the surge protection, not that this has happened, but my mind is at ease with the protection of my expensive equipment!


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Beautiful item, perfect sound on my hifi

This iFi Powerstation is beautiful. The build quality is wonderful and it is wonderfully heavy. I was using an old 6-way extension with my hifi and as soon as I plugged this Powerstation in, the sound of my system went from great to spectacular.

The background is now silent and I can hear little things I never heard before on my favourite songs like tiny brushes hitting hi-hats. I played a SACD yesterday and it has never sounded as good as now.

I recommend that any hifi enthusiast buys this iFi Powerstation, it is brilliant and I would not want to be without it now. I can also recommend iFi for their spectacular customer service. A perfect purchase.


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Review of iFi PowerStation

“You won’t realize what your system was missing until you hear it connected to PowerStation .”
“Everything across the board is improved – focus, definition, clarity, depth, sound stage, every frequency is stronger and easier to identify. Music just flows much more natural there is sense of rightness to it. There is more air around instruments. Music is presented with lots of insight.”


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iFi Power Station Audio Power Strip Conditioner Reviewed


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