Don’t just hear it, feel it.

The iFi ZEN air range transforms the sound quality of speakers and headphones to create a more immersive and powerful listening experience

We’re enthusiasts as well as manufacturers. We only use the finest components and award winning technologies.


If you listen with headphones you need the ZEN air CAN

If you listen with speakers you need the ZEN air DAC

For streaming you need the ZEN air Blue

For vinyl lovers you need the ZEN air Phono in your life

Why not mix and match?

Our products work brilliantly alone but you can also combine them to create the ultimate set up.

Not sure what you need?

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The Zen Air Blue is a Bluetooth device that streams high-quality digital music to your system. Whether it’s Spotify, Tidal, Youtube or stored music, the Zen Air Blue allows you to stream any type of digital sound through to your speaker system. Simply hook it to your system, connect your phone or laptop (via Bluetooth) and hit play! The Zen Air Dac does the rest.

Zen Air Dac and the Zen Air Can would be amazing together. The Zen Air Dac converts the digital audio to analogue for an incredible sound quality, and the Zen Air Can amplifies it to the max. Using the two together can create a sound quality worthy of any high-end music system, and all within your home at a fraction of the cost.

You just need an input and an output device. You can connect your phone, laptop, CD player, almost anything to the Zen Air DAC. Then simply connect your headphones or speakers to experience music that will blow you away. You won’t believe it until you hear it.

The Zen Air CAN is an incredible headphone amplifier, especially at this price point. It offers output at 3.5mm (your standard headphone jack) as well as two RCA output connections for 6.35mm and 4.4mm jacks. The Zen Air Can unlocks superior sound for whatever headphones you’re using.

The Zen Air Phono is typically used with a Vinyl/Record Player, so using that with the Zen Air Can amplifier for headphones can give incredible audio. But the best combo, according to our very passionate tech team, would be the Zen Air DAC, Zen Air Blue, and the Zen Air CAN. Digital to analogue sound conversion, streamed wirelessly, and amplified to its full potential! The trio puts out a sound quality that you wouldn’t believe.

Our Zen Air range works with your pre-existing set-up. Whether you’re are streaming music from your phone, laptop, or record player to speakers or headphones, we have a Zen Air for you. You just need a power supply for each ZEN air product.