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Update Log – Audio control interface for MIDI is optional & Bug fixes.
***  NEW How to Download and install the Driver  ***
How to download and install the iFi driver,
Also How to view the firmware version and install new firmware.

Please manually uninstall all previous XMOS drivers (XMOS, AMR, iFi or from other vendors). Reboot the computer before installing this latest driver. Depending on the computer hardware, you may have to reinstall the driver again if the USB port was changed.

Use this Android App to set up a WiFi connection and adjust settings.



Apple users can find the iFi Streamer App in the App Store search – Stream-iFi

Use this Gaia App with your Android device to update the Bluetooth firmware.

Apple users can find the Gaia app in the App Store search – iFi-Gaia

Download the Bluetooth firmware for your device from the Download hub link.

Ensure your device is connected to your smartphone/tablet before you use the App.
Follow the YouTube links to help update your device.

If your update fails please try a good few times more.
Unpairing your Bluetooth device and fully restart your smartphone/tablet.
This will clear its Cache, Then repair the Bluetooth connection and try again.