iFi audio Groundhog+

Does your system suffer from an irritating buzz or hum that decreases when you touch it?

It’s missing an earth/ground. You need the Groundhog+.

The ‘touch’ test

When you touch your device, does the hum/buzz noise decrease? When you let go, does it increase again?

If so, this is likely to be caused by a missing earth/ground connection. This connection normally shields your system from such interference and drains away the noise. In this instance, you need the Groundhog+.

If, when you touch it, the hum or buzz does NOT decrease, then this means you have a ground loop caused by multiple earths. The most effective solution for this is our iDefender3.0.

iFi audio Groundhog+

No more Groundhog days…

The Groundhog+ puts an end to never-ending buzz and hum by earthing your audio system and adding resolution, bass and musicality to your music.


The Groundhog+ has a variety of adapters and works with every device on the market:

  • RCA base cable – for any audio system with an unused RCA socket.
  • USB converter – for computer audio systems.
  • Spade converter – for power supplies with a DC barrel connector.
  • 3.5mm Y-converter – for portable devices with an unused 3.5mm connection.
GH+ (AC iP to RCA) - iFi audio Groundhog+

Hit noise harder

The Groundhog+ now works with our AC iPurifier for a dual attack on noisy power.

The AC iPurifier will rid your system of electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference. The Groundhog+ comes with a banana / RCA (male cable) for grounding with the AC iPurifier to your equipment. Attach the banana connector to the AC iPurifier and the RCA connector to your amplifier.

Not only have you added back the shielding provided by the Groundhog+, but you’ve also stopped outside interference as well.

RCA base cable For any audio system with an unused RCA socket
iFi audio Groundhog

USB converter For computer audio systems
iFi audio Groundhog

Spade converter For power supplies with a DC barrel connector
iFi audio Groundhog

3.5mm Y-converter For portable devices with an unused 3.5mm connection
iFi audio Groundhog

Banana / RCA (male cable) For grounding with AC iPurifier to equipment
iFi audio Groundhog


In an electrical system, a ground or earth loop occurs when two points of an audio system both have a ground reference which causes a ‘potential voltage difference’ between them. Ground loops are a major cause of the noise, hum, and interference in audio, video, and computer systems.

A missing ground means these loops occur and interference does not ‘drain’ away.

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

EMI is a type of interference caused by errant and unwanted electromagnetic waves that are received and amplified by an audio system. They cause some of the annoying ‘audio gremlins’ we often talk about.

RFI (Radio-frequency interference)

Radio-frequency interference (RFI) is very similar to electromagnetic interference (EMI) but is found in the radio frequency spectrum. It is another source of irritating, unwanted noise often talked about as an ‘audio gremlin’.

Top tip: just don’t add water.


Qvinta company


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Works as stated

This is well built and should eliminate any ground loop you may have. I find it lowers the noise floor even when you don’t have a ground loop. If you have a subwoofer that hums this will cure it. I especially like the ability to add a ground to a USB connection


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Overview of iFi Audio accessories and filters – does filtering matter?

This article was born in my head a long time ago, mainly due to repeated questions from time to time, whether I had contact with filtering devices like iSilencer, Jitterbug etc. But since I run my humble blog, I’ve probably got used to most people to a few maxims, which I am guided in total not only in the field of audio equipment, but generally in life…


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If You Need True Loop Isolation, THIS IS IT

I really want to commend the seller/vendor. This was an awesome experience that led to my second purchase of the same product. I had hum in my laptop recording from a digital sound board–Fixed It! My second one was added to a streaming service computer routed via a not-so-high-quality device and was getting noise in our on-line production–Fixed It! My impressions was when the first product I bought from this vendor/seller didn’t work.

In the process of returning it, I received a call from them and asking me about my situation. Not only did they guide me to the right diagnosis, they also had the proper solution to fix the problem. Great people to deal with and very, very kind and helpful on a phone call they originated! Thank you iFi Audio! If you have questions, contact them…


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Simple and effective

Worked well for me. After adding a usb galvanic isolation device it split my grounded system which was grounded by my pc’s psu. I was getting weird issues after until I grounded the half after the galvanic isolation. It has a bunch of different connectors and such but if you need the iec ground you’ll need to provide your own power cable although it’s only the earth ground pin. Grounding issues can be tricky and ifi has always been good about answering my questions they have had some of the best customer service that I’ve dealt with

Amazon Customer

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Coming soon

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