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ZEN Air CAN from iFi audio

Clear Air.

Enjoy a louder, clearer listening experience from your PC, Mac, Streamer or TV.


The ZEN Air CAN is a powerful, hi-res home analogue amplifier that provides greater headphone enjoyment with any analogue source such as your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, streamer or TV.

Enjoy an improved headphone experience with the ZEN Air CAN.

ZEN Air CAN from iFi audio

Amp it up

The ZEN Air CAN is an amplifier pure and simple.

It simply takes an input signal from a source such as those mentioned above and creates a larger copy of the original signal before it’s sent to your headphones.

Think about listening to sound with your hands over your ears and then removing them!  Adding the ZEN Air CAN into your system is a little like that – back comes clarity of sound as well as volume.

Lots to gain…

The ZEN Air CAN comes with three gain settings so that it works well with every pair of headphones or in-ear monitors (also known as IEMs).

What is gain? Gain in audio terms refers to an amplifier’s ability to increase the amplitude (size) of the signal from the source (input) to the headphones or speakers (output).  More gain equals a stronger signal.

You will need to adjust the gain depending on the sensitivity of the headphones or iEMs you are using. For example, highly sensitive headphones need lower gain.

Play around with the settings. Trust your ears.

ZEN Air CAN from iFi audio

eSpecially for you

The ZEN Air CAN has two different headphone sockets – 6.3mm single-ended and 4.4mm S-Balanced.

There are basically two types of headphone – single-ended and balanced. In a nutshell, single-ended is the most common but the balanced option is often considered the better as it offers more power and control of the headphones.

At iFi, we know not everyone has balanced headphones, so we’ve created our S-Balanced technology. This gives you all the benefits of a balanced connection – lower noise, less crosstalk – but without the need for balanced headphones.

Sonic tailoring

The ZEN Air CAN boasts a couple of sonic tweaks, unique to iFi.

XBass is analogue bass boost. In other words, it extends the bass response to suit different headphones.

XSpace is an analogue headphone spatialiser. This opens up your music to give you the spaciousness of a live-concert atmosphere.

As with many other iFi audio products, we’ve incorporated a custom OV Series operational-amplifier. This top-notch component contributes to the extremely low noise, low distortion (0.0001%) and wide bandwidth.

TDK C0G (Class 1 ceramic) capacitors offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.

Getting ever closer to the theoretical ideal of pure, frequency-constant capacitance, these capacitors reduce capacitor-induced distortion to vanishingly low levels.

They are pricey but are a perfect addition to our products.

Texas Instruments low-noise ICs offer great unity-gain bandwidth, very low noise and distortion, high output drive capability, Common-mode and Power Supply Rejection Ratios of over 100 dB, wide maximum-output-swing bandwidths and high slew rates.


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Power supply requirementDC 5V/2.5A (centre +ve)
Max Output>6.7V/75 mW(@ 600Ω) >6.5V/660 mW(@ 64Ω) >6.2V/1200 mW(@ 32Ω)
THD & N0.005% (@ 100 mW/1.27V 16Ω)
SNR>114dBA (@ 6.7V)
Max. InputRCA
3.8V RMS
1.92V RMS
Frequency Response10Hz -100kHz (-3dB)
Power ConsumptionNo Signal ~5W
Max Signal ~13W
Dimensions158 x 117 x 35 mm
6.2" x 4.6" x 1.4"
Net weight352g
0.78 lbs

“Considering its capabilities and low price, it’s no surprise that it gets my recommendation and the Prime Audio Reviews gold award!”

“The ZEN Air CAN can drive just about anything, including power-hungry headphones with its maximum 1200mW output power; The sub-bass extension is exhilarating. It’s powerful and authoritative but doesn’t sound forced or bloated.”

David Becker

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“They sound like they are worth a lot more than they charge for them!”

Discover more by reading the full review about our Zen AIR CAN & Zen AIR Phono.

DB Silverton

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ZEN Air CAN on David Bublitz’s Channel

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David Bublitz

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“Budget Dac Amp with Huge Sound stage!”

“If you need more power, the ZEN Air CAN is available and I think that would definitely give you a little more bass as well.”

Ryan Ho

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“It has enough power to move any headphone on the market!”

“The shape of the device is quite nice and overall from an aesthetic point of view it looks and feels premium!
The ZEN Air CAN is a versatile, feature-rich headphone amplifier with excellent value for money!
It has enough power to move any headphone on the market!”

Cristian Guerrero, TechnoReviews

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“The ZEN Air CAN moves the most demanding headphones without problem!”

“It is an interesting option if you are looking for a powerful amplifier at a great price! A pretty good construction even if it is plastic.”

Marco Antonio Gonzalez

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“A brilliant way to begin anyone’s hi-fi journey”

iFi ZEN Air Separates Review by Michael Evans

Michael Evans

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“A very useful headphone amplifier…”

“This is a very useful headphone amplifier capable of driving the most complex headphones you can find and at a great price!”

Fernando Meza

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“The sound is consistent, it’s insane!”

“If you plug your headphones into the Zen Air Can, you’re going to fly! It has a lot of amplification power! The sound is consistent, it’s insane!”

Jose Antonio De La Rosa

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Moisés Daniel Díaz talks about ZEN Air CAN

“I have been fascinated by the cleanliness of its sound and its amplification capacity! These 3 together (Zen Air Blue, Zen Air Dac, Zen Air Can) are a beast!It takes away from your head the question of whether you are correctly amplifying your headphones. It has a round sound, and I liked the way it sounds!”

Moisés Daniel Díaz

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ZEN Air Series – the bargain of the year

“The Air components are faintly extraordinary things. For the price of a big night out, they deliver a level of performance and functionality that challenges devices at many times the cost. They are the bargain of the year.”

Thanks, Ed Selley.

Ed Selley, AV Forums

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This really powers!

Thank you to Gavin’s Gadgets for this review of our ZEN air CAN.

You can watch the full review here..

Gavin's Gadgets

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