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LAN iSilencer from iFi audio

Your network. Silenced.

No more distorted audio signal

Network LAN filter

The LAN iSilencer removes the electrical noise that distorts the audio signal from your network.

It reduces the noise floor and interference.

It is perfect for you if you use a wired connection and want to reduce/minimise network noise.

The ‘lights’ in the image are not LEDs. They are optical light ports and only work if the connected port has lights.

LAN iSilencer from iFi audio

Reduce router ‘noise’

Loving your network streamer but getting interference via your Ethernet cable?

The LAN iSilencer’s advanced tech prevents noise from interfering with the digital signal.

You can connect it:

  • To your router
  • To switches
  • Directly to your Ethernet wall socket


The LAN iSilencer supports Gigabit Ethernet with no speed restrictions

Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) projects your equipment against surges and voltage transients.

The LAN iSilencer has a zero-noise design and galvanically-isolated inputs to reduce digital jitter and overall system noise.

The LAN iSilencer boasts premium galvanic isolation technology, where electrical circuits are separated to eliminate stray currents. Audio signals can pass between galvanically isolated circuits to block differences in ground potential or currents induced by AC power.

LAN iSilencer

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West Sussex
InputRJ45 Socket
OutputRJ45 Plug
Speed1000/100/10 Mbps
Supported DevicesGeneral-purpose, notebook, switch, router, wireless device, etc
Dimensions73.5 x 19 x 16mm
2.9" x 0.7" x 0.6"
Net Weight17g (0.6 oz)

Review by Audiogon Forum, USA

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Don Nance, Audiogon Forum

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LAN iSilencer review in Hungarian

“I don’t know of any audio device today that would improve the sound of music and the experience of listening to music to a more spectacular extent.”

Andras Rev

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“The LAN iSilencer will stay on my system”

“Reduces floor noise and interference! It can give you a difference in audio quality. The first thing one notices when connecting it is the silence! The LAN iSilencer will stay on my system”

Fernando Meza

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LAN iSilencer review from Tomasz Zdzeich

“I tested with a regular router from telmex, definitely no galvanic isolation or anything special. In that configuration despite having optical ethernet feeding my streamer there was a definitive change in the perceived sound. It was quite obvious with high frequencies where high hat sounded more realistic on recordings where I thought sounded poor. It was quite a surprise.

I would suggest giving the LAN iSilencer a try. It’s not going to break your bank and the benefit of its inclusion to your system might be very much welcome”.

Tomasz Zdzeich

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