GO blu by iFi audio

Super light. Super sound.

HD Bluetooth DAC. Apple Music, Spotify, every song on the GO!

Blu Monday (& Tuesday)

Our new GO blu, pocket-rocket portable HD DAC/amp, is diminutive enough to take with you wherever you go! It gives you best sound from wired but the convenience of wireless as you no longer need to have a cable connection to your smartphone.

Whether you’re exercising at the gym with your Apple watch clocking your every step or catching up on your MacBook at your favourite coffee shop, the GO blu is the perfect companion.

It pairs wirelessly with your source device via Bluetooth with no need to worry about whether you’ve got the right cable for your Android or Apple device. Just pair … and GO!

Every day is a GO blu day!

Weighs only


That’s less than an AA battery!

Superior sound. Unbound.

Wireless headphones or earphones of any kind integrate Bluetooth processing, D/A conversion and amplification onto one, standard ‘off the shelf’ chip. There is a ceiling to the sound quality that can be achieved.

Team good corded headphones or in-ear monitors, with a separate, high-quality portable DAC/headphone amp, and your sound quality will beat any pair of wireless headphone or earphones hands down.

Using the GO blu means no compromise on sound quality.

Pair the GO blu to your Apple/Android. Connect your favourite corded headphones to the GO blu and then tuck it away –  it’s so petite it will slip into your running gear or suit pocket. It’s also gorgeous enough to show off by leaving it on the table at your favourite coffee shop!

GO blu case with clip now available.

GO blu by iFi audio

GO blu. Go beyond.

With its lightweight, soft-touch polymer enclosure (great for Bluetooth reception, unlike signal-blocking metal), copper-coloured trim and ChronoDial watch crown-style control, the GO blu is a pleasure to use wherever you go.

iFi has even incorporated a high-quality chip-based (CMOS-MEMS) microphone, enabling hands-free calls, voice chat for gaming and access to voice assistants such as Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

Further flexibility is provided by the USB-C charging port, which doubles as an audio input enabling USB connection from source devices that don’t offer Bluetooth connectivity. Hi-res PCM audio data up to24-bit/96kHz is supported when the GO blu is connected in this way.

HD Bluetooth 5.1

The way iFi implements Bluetooth is anything but ‘run of the mill’ and despite its diminutive size the GO blu is no exception.

The use of Qualcomm’s latest four-core QCC5100 Bluetooth processing chip ensures that every current high-definition Bluetooth audio format is supported.

  • aptX Adaptive and aptX HD
  • regular aptX and aptX Low Latency
  • AAC
  • SBC (plain vanilla Bluetooth)

This means that every possible source device is handled at the highest audio resolution its Bluetooth specification allows – no other pocket-size DAC/amp delivers such comprehensive codec support, or such high-quality sound over Bluetooth.

The GO blu is Bluetooth v5.1-compliant, ensuring the best possible range, stability and performance, and its ‘Bluetooth engine’ can be updated over the air.

*LDAC and LDAC logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation.


hour battery

That’s Paris to New York +

Three. Unique. Stages.

Bluetooth. DAC. Amplifier.

Most pocket-size Bluetooth DAC/headphone amps incorporate all-in-one ‘system on a chip’ solutions to deliver input processing, digital-to-analogue signal conversion and amplification. These are simple and cost-effective, but they cannot compare with expertly designed, individually optimised circuit stages when it comes to sound quality.

Uniquely for a device of this type and size, the GO blu’s clever design packs in separate Bluetooth + DAC + Amp stages, each engineered in distinct blocks to deliver the ideal combination of cutting-edge specification and superb sound. Others just don’t this level of execution.

The Bluetooth stage makes full use of Qualcomm’s latest four-core QCC5100 Bluetooth chip and supports every current high definition format.

This then feeds the DAC stage with a Cirrus Logic 32-bit DAC chip at its heart. This is coupled with a customised digital filter to minimise pre-echoes and ringing artefacts, and a precision clock system to ensure ultra-low jitter, thus reducing errors and distortion in the digital audio signal.

The amp circuitry benefits from symmetrical twin-mono signal paths and utilises iFi’s Direct Drive design concept – direct-coupled to ensure a clean signal path without distortion-inducing output coupling capacitors. The amp stage delivers up to 5.6V (twice the voltage of others) – considerably more power than other similarly sized devices – handling even relatively tough headphone loads with ease. To ensure signal strength suits the sensitivity of the connected headphones or earphones, auto-gain adjusts output up or down by 6dB.

Swiss Chronograph design & implementation

GO blu‘s ChronoDial is a masterpiece of precision engineering and, just like a Chronograph, it gives you precise, analogue volume control. You can use it to play, pause, and skip tracks forward and backwards and even activate the voice assistant on your Bluetooth-connected smart device. Here’s how it’s constructed:

  1. Brass supporting column with anti-corrosion 
  2. Brass locking nut with anti-corrosion
  3. Precision 304 stainless steel bearing
  4. 304 stainless steel main dial with beryllium cobalt copper coating
  5. High-purity nickel push-button spring
  6. Precision CNC machined AL6063 aluminium push button
GO blu by iFi audio

GO Balanced

Whether you use balanced or non-balanced headphones, you get the least noise and best channel separation for the most enjoyable music.

The GO blu boasts a Balanced 4.4mm output enabling headphones equipped with balanced connectivity to take full advantage of the GO blu’s balanced amp design.

In addition, the 3.5mm output benefits from iFi’s proprietary S-Balanced circuitry. This cuts crosstalk and related distortion in half when used with regular, single-ended headphone connections, this is especially beneficial with high-sensitivity in-ear monitors.

Both outputs are gold-plated to resist tarnishing and thereby maintain optimum contact quality.

GO blu by iFi audio

X-factor. Inside and out.

With XBass to add back lost low-end grunt and XSpace  to widen the soundstage, the GO blu is small on the outside but mighty on the inside. You will be immersed in its majestic musicality.

Even phone calls are ‘clear Voice capture’ using Qualcomm’s ANC technology. Clear, crisp and no annoying echo.

The X-factor doesn’t stop with the sound. The GO blu has a watch crown-style control and is made with hi-tech components. It weighs in at a super featherlight 26grams or 0.06lbs.

It will be your ‘go-to’ music device.

GO blu case with clip now available.

DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter)

DACs convert digital information, stored or streamed by computers, into music we can hear through speakers or headphones.

Every device that’s a source of digital sound has a built-in DAC (TVs, games consoles, CD players, phones, portable music players etc). Dedicated external DACs sound much better than standard DACs used in digital devices such as phones.


aptX Bluetooth transmission is found in most Android phones, media players, Apple computers (macOS on iMacs and MacBooks) and on higher-quality Bluetooth headphones. It is not available on iOS (iPhones and iPads use Advanced Audio Codec).


AAC is one of the most commonly-supported Bluetooth codecs in the wireless headphone and speaker markets. It’s also the default audio compression codec used by Apple’s iTunes and YouTube and is supported across both iPhone and Android smartphones.


LDAC is an audio coding technology developed by Sony, which allows streaming audio over Bluetooth connections up to 990 kbit/s at 24 bit/96 kHz (also called high-resolution audio).

It is used in Sony headphones, smartphones, portable media players, active speakers and home theatres.

LDAC is a lossy codec which means is discards some of musical info to make the file smaller.


Whether you’re at home or out and about when making a voice call using a Bluetooth Stereo Headset or earbuds, background sounds such as annoying echo, ambient noise, road noise, and other people talking can make having a clear-sounding conversation difficult. The Qualcomm cVc (clear voice capture) noise echo cancelling and noise suppression technology is designed to transmit crystal clear voice quality when making calls.


HWA is Bluetooth® wireless audio powered by LHDC™ and used by Huawei. LHDC™ is codec developed by Savitech and stands for ‘low latency and high definition’ audio. Compared to standard Bluetooth®, it allows 3 times more musical date to be transmitted.


Gain is the amount of increase in audio signal strength. Gain is often expressed in decibels (dB).

Roon FREE trial & subscription offer

It’s the perfect opportunity to level up your on-the-go listening. The ultra-compact GO blu with hi-res Bluetooth is a ‘must-have’ for the busy individual on the go.

Take advantage of a 14-day FREE trial to Roon and get a month for free should you decide to subscribe. Plus Roon has now introduced the Roon Arc app which means you can access your full Roon library whether you are at home, in the gym, working in the office or travelling around the world.

An important aspect of the circuit design is its direct-coupled nature (no coupling capacitor is present), achieved without a conventionally applied DC servo.

DirectDrive® equals a direct signal path which means less signal degradation. This direct signal path is unequalled in audio and is the reason why the sound is so ‘true’.

The latest Cirrus Logic CS43131 is an advanced ‘minature’ DAC that is at the heart of the newest range of iFi mobile devices.

  • Advanced 32-bit oversampled multi-bit modulator with mismatch shaping technology
  • Dynamic Range of 130dB
  • THD+n of -115dB


We use Qualcomm’s new QCC5100 Bluetooth IC in combination with the Cirrus Logic 43131 as DAC to to create an audibly superior ‘Bluetooth engine’.

All the current high-definition Bluetooth audio formats are supported – Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive and aptX HD, Sony’s LDACTM and HWA’s LHDC, regular aptX and aptX Low Latency, AAC (Apple iOS devices) and SBC (the ‘plain vanilla’ Bluetooth codec).

Of the 24-bit-capable codecs, aptX Adaptive and aptX HD support up to 48kHz, while LDACTM and LHDC reach 96kHz.

iFi’s ‘Bluetooth engine’ can also be updated over-the-air, so future codecs may be added.

**LDAC and LDAC logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

It is a superior method to the traditional single-ended circuit approach. Balanced circuits reduce noise and crosstalk. Less Interference – clearer sound.

You normally find this set-up in products at the higher end of the price spectrum such as the Pro iCAN Signature but iFi is now using this across its range to produce the best quality audio for all our customers.

Sonically superior – richer, deeper.

The XBass® analogue bass correction system corrects for the missing headphone/speaker bass response.

TDK C0G (Class 1 ceramic) capacitors offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.

Getting ever closer to the theoretical ideal of pure, frequency-constant capacitance, these capacitors reduce capacitor-induced distortion to vanishingly low levels.

They are pricey but are a perfect addition to our products.

muRata control-type, low-ESR high-Q multi-layer capacitors. The ‘ESR control’ aspect of the Murata is something special. Their noise suppression abilities are impressive.

XSpace is the iFi analogue signal improvement circuitry to get that ‘music’ back outside of your head for much better headphone enjoyment.



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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Cirrus Logic CS43131
Qualcomm QCC 5100

Bluetooth 5.1 ( AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX HD,
aptX Adaptive, aptX LL, LDAC, LHDC/HWA Codec)

USB-C (24/96)
Headphone OutputsBalanced
Output Power (RMS)Balanced
245mW @ 32Ω; 5.6v @ 600Ω
165mW @ 32Ω; 2.8v @ 600Ω
Output ImpedanceBalanced
111dB(A) @ 0dBFS
106.5dB(A) @ 0dBFS
THD + NBalanced
<0.009% @ (6.5mW/2.0v@600Ω)
<0.03% @ (100mW/1.27v@16Ω)
Frequency Response20Hz - 45kHz (-3dB)
BatteryLithium-polymer 450mAh approx. ~8 hours (depending upon volume and headphones)
Power SystemCharging via USB-C, BC V1.2 compliant up to
1000mA charging current and 6.3 volts
Dimensions54 x 34 x 13 mm
2.1' x 1.3' x 0.5'
Weight27g (0.95 oz)
Warranty period12 months

“…respects the sound of the headphones you put on it.” (Review in Spanish)

“The battery has a good performance. It slightly increases the sound stage!
What I like most is that it respects the sound of the headphones you put on it.”

Droid X

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“A reliable companion!” (Review in German)

“Thanks to a battery life of up to nine hours, the ifi Go Blu is a reliable companion for the whole day!”

Steffen Haubner, Kaufkompass

(Click name to read original review)

“This product is precious!”

“It is the first Bluetooth device that works with 3 stages. The iFi sound is exquisite! It has all the warmth of iFi with all the detail of a high definition dac. If you are looking for a portable device, this is the best I have tried so far!”

Carlos Menares

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“GO blu is an excellent Bluetooth (…) DAC”

“If you’re looking for a wireless DAC option, the iFi Audio GO blu is an excellent Bluetooth (only input) DAC that boasts the latest Qualcomm 5100 series Bluetooth technology, supporting all current and future formats such as AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, and HWA Codec.”

HI-FI Trends

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“The GO blu is one of the best Bluetooth receivers”

“The Go Blu is one of the best Bluetooth receivers, it has very little loss, a very clean sound without distortion, it is a high-fidelity audio device! The design is very nice, it feels of very good quality!”

Oscar Esteban Del Villar Barretto

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Hi-Fi Trends | Best Digital To Analog Converter For iPhone (Lightning DACs)

“If you’re looking for a wireless DAC option, the iFi Audio GO blu is an excellent Bluetooth (only input) DAC that boasts the latest Qualcomm 5100 series Bluetooth technology, supporting all current and future formats such as AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, and HWA Codec.”

HI-FI Trends

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“It is an experience that I wish anyone could have.”

“You will not be conditioned to sit in one place to listen to music. The Go blu offers much higher quality than Bluetooth headphones.It is an experience that I wish anyone could have.It is a very good option for people who want to enter the audiophile world”

Rosbel David Mendoza

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“It works brilliantly and sounds fantastic!”

“The Go blu is small and beautifully designed! I have to say it works brilliantly and sounds fantastic! It makes you realize how good your music can sound!”

Jonathan Elvidge

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“I find it an excellent iFi product.”

“The Go blu handles the level of detail and naturalness very well! It is quite powerful for its size; I liked the synergy it has made with the vast majority of my IEMs! I find it an excellent iFi product.”

Diego Ricardo Romero

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“I can’t listen to music any other way now”

Mark James

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Paul Wasabii talks about GO blu

“Relaxed but detailed BT DAC.”

Paul Wasabii

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“It does everything I want it to do and it does it well”

Hobby Talk

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“Go Blu gets the little things right”

“The iFi Go Blu gets the little things right. It’s a joy to hold, and the sound is surprisingly competent.’

Kazi Mahbub

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“The Go Blu is a great device for a portable Hi-Fi system…”

“The Go Blu has good and musical sound quality. Using the Go blu, I can keep the device in one of my pockets, or hang it on my belt, and freely use my smartphone while walking or on the subway. The Go Blu tends more to the musical than to the analytical. The Go Blu is a great device for a portable Hi-Fi system, and it’s also a very versatile device if you’re looking for your first DAC/Amp.”

Eduardo Marin Chacin

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Difficult to find something more compact on the market

 Difficult to find something more compact on the market and above all equipped with this technical quality.

Matteo Esposito

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The Go blu It’s gorgeous!

“The Go blu It’s gorgeous!, I mean in person it’s so much nicer than on the video. This thing in Bluetooth mode sounded amazing! It smoked my little favorite cobalt, It’s just like you’re in a studio and the music live right there”

Paul Helvin

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You will be shocked!

GO blue Case from iFi audio

“Their Go Blu portable headphone amplifier measures just two inches by a little more than one, and weighs less than an ounce. But it gives music from a smartphone or computer such volume and quality boosts that, unless you have no musical sensibilities at all, you will be shocked.”

Jonathan Margolis, Air Mail

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Great option for HD Audio with Bluetooth

“Turns your premium headphones into a semi wireless option with ease. It also has a built in mic for when you get a phone call or notification on your phone.”

“…if you want hassle free wireless hi-fi and to be able to take your favourite iems/cans anywhere this is a solid choice and would recommend.”



(Click name to read original review)

Don’t just look – buy and listen!

I have tried a few similar devices in the past and was only impressed by the audio labs mdac nano in terms of sound quality. Unfortunately it was seriously let down on build quality.

The ifi Go Blu ticks all the boxes. Even my son who produces music at a professional level was blown away by the sound quality.

Build is a work of art and hardly put them down since they arrived. I have Grado 325s and RS2Es which it drives with ease and makes them sound better than ever.

Finally I have a wireless solution for music!


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iFi audio GO blu – Another Perspective

Did you ever see an audio product that you thought you didn’t need but once you looked into it, you just had to have it?

According to Francisco Duran, the GO blu is THAT device. Read on…

Positive Feedback

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“Honey, I shrunk the headphone amplifier and DAC.”.

Thanks to Malcolm J Gomes for his review of the iFi GO blu.

“Priced at $199, the GO blu is a good value for what it offers, especially since currently I know of no other product that can do exactly what the Go blu does, which is to offer a Bluetooth 5.1 connection to your source device in such a tiny package.”

“At its price point, I doubt you can do much better in the Bluetooth domain. The fact that the GO blu is so tiny and lightweight, makes it so easy to slip it into your pocket and enjoy your favorite tunes on the go.”

Positive Feedback

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Great little guy

It’s amazing how much battery life and power this little guy has. Compared to my Zen Dac V1 the sound quality is almost equal but has a little less detail overall and notable less impact in the low end. It’s not nearly as bloaty and mushy as the hip dac V1, so that’s great. Listen to it all day on the go, very satisfied.


(Click name to read original review)

Takes iPhone sound to a new level

Outstanding portable amp – paired easily with all my apple products through blue tooth – sound amazing through my B&O wired over ear headphones and Grado open over ear headphones.


(Click name to read original review)

A solid competent piece of kit

This item was purchased for my wife who is hard of hearing. We have a good Sony TV but even then, she cannot pick up certain tones. At times, I have trouble too, such is the poor broadcast quality of some channels. We have linked the Ifi Go Blu via bluetooth connection to the TV itself. This works very well as we have utilised a pair of high quality wired IEM’s connected to the Go which picks up those missing tones. Also, the volume is strong enough to be connected to the TV with lots to spare. We had ordered other units which just weren’t loud enough. The Go is good quality and doesn’t distort the sound. We’ve had the unit for about 3 months now without any issues.


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iFi Go Blu vs Fiio BTR5 vs Qudelix 5K vs Radsone ES100 – One of these blew my mind

Thanks to The HEADPHONE Show for their comparison of the GO blu! It is in a class of its own.


(Click name to read original review)

Great portable solution to using iems with a smartphone

“After having to return my fiio btr3k due to a faulty power button i decided to try this out and so glad i did!
it’s quite a bit more expensive than the fiio offerings but what you get is a more solid build which has a more stripped back feature set i must admit but you get better sound quality and some nice features like the bass and space effects which can help some iems sound better in those frequencies. The volume wheel is really nice too and it’s very easy to setup and get going. Balanced 4.4mm connection sounds good and you definitely notice the difference in volume between that and the 3.5mm.”


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Incredible tiny box of magic

“If you love music and stream everything, then get this tiny but mighty gadget. Improves sound quality and increases achievable volume in your (wired) headphones. The little box synched immediately via Bluetooth to my iPhone and the magic started in seconds of turning it on. Wow!”


(Click name to read original review)

Incredible little device!

I looked at everything currently available including the UP5, ES100, BTR5, etc. On paper the iFi Go Blu looked to be the best in terms of raw performance, and in reality it does not dissapoint. I use this a both to enable portability when I’m at home, and to drive IEMs when I’m out (Fiio FH5). It can drive most of my headphones through the balaced outpu including Sundara, HD 560s, Hd58x, Akg k702. OK, it won’t drive the T50RPs, but they are extremely inefficient. Is it as good as a decent desktop amp? Hell no, but it’s the best Bluetooth experience I’ve had to date, and it is certainly good enough to be very enjoyable. I tend to push my headphones, but I still find I get > 8 hours playback on a single charge. It looks and feels premium, and I love the volume dial. Please note, it doesn’t have a companion app with lots of configurable settings, eqs etc, but I like things that just work without having to fiddle with them. On the rare occasion I feel the need to EQ, I use Wavelet, so don’t feel I’m missing out on anything. A1 product, that I highly recommend. P.S. Made by a British company.


(Click name to read original review)

Terrific sound, features and looks.

Does this sound better than the BTR5? My ears aren’t attuned enough to tell but it sounds great to me and I love the XBass, XSpace, and the volume control. I’m using it with Moondrop Starfields and Hifiman Sundaras and it seems to drive both very well. Good battery life and solid Bluetooth connection as well. Kind of expensive though.


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Portable Powerhouse says MMORPG.com

Thanks to Chris Coke at mmorpg.com for giving the GO blu the Golden Hardware award. Read why he thinks it’s a ‘portable powerhouse’ below.


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GO blu or go home

“I can think of no better endorsement than the fact that, for two weeks, I’ve been using a $200 dongle instead of a $2000 DAP and haven’t for a minute felt poorer for it.”

gLer - Head-Fi

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iFi audio GO blu review by Louis Gonzalez

“The GO blu to me is a piece of gear that you purchase for a particular function and then find out you like it more whilst performing other functions. Versatility is off the charts for many different scenarios.

The GO blu can act as a Bluetooth receiver yes, with all the codec capability you could want but it really excels as a micro-DAC dongle, a desktop, or a laptop DAC amp combo and as a sound card replacement. That’s four scenarios in where the GO blu can perform well.”

Louis Gonzalez - Headfonics

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GO Blu Wireless DAC/Headphone Amp Review – Applause Award

“Cueing up Old Man (Live at Massey Hall) and the dialogue before the song presented Neil Young‘s natural charm, character and expressiveness. However, it was the guitar, vibrant with harmonics, counterpointing Young’s effortless yet poignant delivery that caught my ears thanks to the live tonal quality and dynamics being delivered by the tiny unit.”

Jay Garrett - Stereonet

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Bang for your buck to say the least!

Used with the Grado sr80x open back headphones and my phone, I am REALLY happy with the sound quality.


(Click name to read original review)


Great sound
Very long battery life, even using LDAC.
Very small and light.
Awesome volume control.
Pairs very quickly with phone.

The Go Blu is my now go to DAC,amp. My BTR5, Audiolab Nano, Ear 100, Earmen Sparrow and Dragonfly Red are all in the drawer. Just buy it.


(Click name to read original review)

A super-small DAC/headphone amp that can do big things with your music

“…when portability is paramount and convenience is key, you cannot currently better the iFi Go Blu. It levels up your phone’s sound with very little effort or added weight in your pocket or strain on your wallet. It can sit in the tiny watch pocket of your jeans, doing its good work nowhere near your actual phone, and if you’re working in a cafe, it will both look and sound exceptionally good next to your flat white. Highly recommended.”


(Click name to read original review)

Compelling device. Big kudos

“…for the price, the iFi GO blu is a very compelling device. Build quality is great, the sound is impressive, I/O is complete thanks to 3.5 + 4.4mm headphones out, and it can virtually work with everything you own, as a DAC/Amp.

If you don’t want to get a TWS or just want something powerful, but small enough to drive your headphone on the go, the GO blu can be an excellent solution. Its versatility is gold and most of all, it’s really, really tiny, so you can fit it almost anywhere in your gear pack. Big kudos.”

Headfonia - Nanotechnos

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Small, beautiful and built like a tank

Some thought has been put into this device. It everything you need in one neat package. The sound from such a small device is superb and in my ears with the same headphones gives the chord mojo/poly a battle especially with those devices being significantly more expensive. Thank you iFi absolutely superb. An absolute bargain for the money. A brilliant company at that with excellent customer service thanks for everything.


(Click name to read original review)

iFi GO blu Review

GO blu delivers extreme portability,  along with performance that sacrifices very little fidelity for your convenience.


Bloom audio

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GO blu vs Shanling UP5 Review & Comparison

“…those micro details that I mentioned…they’re so much more pronounced, so much more obvious, there’s more emotion…you feel the music…this to me has such an edge in balance, it’s just wonderful…”


Gavin's Gadgets

(Click name to read original review)

I’ve been waiting for this iFi GO blu for years…

“This product is really about the idea, a portable rechargeable Bluetooth headphone amplifier for wired headphones is just a brilliant idea. The fact the audio performance matches the idea makes this a special product. On price, portable performance and just the idea, this is an outstanding product.”



(Click name to read original review)

GO blu – I love this thing and my FiiO BTR5 is going in the drawer

This little player is amazing! The sound is of course very good, dynamic and musical. Exactly what I want on the go. But where the Go Blu excels is in the way some things have been implemented. First of all the volume control is PERFECT. You can make very finite adjustments on the wheel but it is still tied to the device volume control (on IOS anyway). This means you can also use the device to step up and down in larger chucks but as you use the volume on the Go Blu to change volume the device volume will still step up/down accordingly. I hate it when the 2 volume controls are totally independent or where a device is tied to the 16 steps of the device volume. This is the best of both worlds.

The usability of the Go Blu is great too. Very fast to turn on and off. The long press is only a second or so. Controls are very intuitive (unlike the BTR5 which is pretty fiddly).

I was surprised how small it is. It’s a lot smaller than it looks in the pictures.

Device battery status is also shown on the iPhone which is a big bonus too.


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