4.4mm to XLR Cable

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4.4mm to XLR Cable from iFi audio

Looking for that perfect cable to enhance your balanced listening?

You need the iFi 4.4mm to XLR cable

XLR. Excellent.

Created to give you maximum quality balanced signal transfer and minimum interference, iFi’s 4.4mm to XLR cable employs heavy OFHC continuous cast copper, silver matrix conductors with a total cross-section of 16AWG for the best signal transfer.

The ‘helix’ effect.

The cable construction is a custom helix minZ™ design, minimised both in capacitance and inductance. It also has intrinsic shielding provided by the minZ™ helix construction. The design protects the cable from RFI and EMI noise and provides the cleanest transfer medium possible.

To further insulate the cable, we adopted the RoHS compliant, excellent dielectric property and super-soft (60P) HD polymer with 1500V AC spark resistance.

4.4mm to XLR Cable from iFi audio

4N Oxygen- free copper ultimate conductivity and corrosion resistance.

5N Platinum pure silver minimal skin effect and impeccable audio signal transmission.

RoHS compliant super-soft polymer for protection.

Making it a multiple channels shielded cable.

Braided for low-resistance path to ground.

iFi’s own smooth surface connector and copper edge cut in a sharp angle to protect the 4.4 socket and extend lifetime.

1mm raised lip for precise connection.

iFi connector aluminium alloy pins and PVC. Minimum resistance, flawless balance.

Cookie-Cutter ‘Sub-Sonic Filter’

Tom Evans who makes very nice phono stages made the following astute comment:

A rumble filter simply adds to the bass cut making your already “cut” records sound bass light. Plus, it “time-steps” the bass in relation to the higher frequencies (where our hearing is most sensitive) so much so it can confuse the ear into believing the bass is playing out of tempo.

iFi solution:

Since the very first iPHONO launched in 2012, we have used our own in-house ‘Subsonic Filter’. It made it into the iPHONO2 and the iPHONO3 and now, the ZEN Phono which is the very first time this filter is seen in such an affordable price level.

As there is only minimal vertical modulation remaining at very low frequencies with an an actual cut LP that is playable, we know that “vertical modulation” at low frequencies must be warp.

So we designed a filter to take advantage of this.

This is not artificial but real knowledge. By understanding fully how LPs are cut and replayed,  it is possible to filter record warp strongly without at the same time attenuating low bass or adding group delay.

4.4mm to XLR Cable

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Minimum inductance and capacitance minZ™ (for: minimum impedance) helix constructionConstruction
Conductor materialHeavy OFHC continuous cast copper silver matrix
InsulationRoHS compliant super-soft (60P) HD polymer
ShieldingIntrinsic shielding provided by minZ™ helix construction
AC spark insulation1500V
ConnectorsiFi 'FINAL' 4.4 and XLR connectors
Insulation resistance100Mohm
Size2M Wide (78.6") fully extended // 1M (39.3") per XLR cable
Weight133g (0.29 Ibs)
Warranty period12 months
Specifications are subject to change without notice

good build

good quality build. cable is awesome


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Worthwhile investment.

As with most iFi Audio products, this 4.4mm balanced cable is very well made. Connecting between an iFi Zen Blue DAC for streaming and Luxman 509X integrated into Spendor speakers, it gives outstanding results with a solid bass, explicit midrange and creamy treble. Enough to question if it’s worth spending 1000’s on source equipment. Buy with absolute confidence.


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Worth the money if you want to run a truly differential balanced setup.

Perfect fit and length to run to two Nelson Pass ACA amps to run them as true balanced monoblocks. Now my office system can spar with my other two dedicated stereo setups. Speakers are Acoustic Technologies Classic (folded horn speakers with a single 3″ driver). Cables my be slightly overpriced, but worth it. John Curl designed the analog section in the Zen DAC and it (Zen DAC Signature) is worth the extra money combined with this cable and some truly differential balanced inputs on powered monitors or amps.


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