Pump up your MacBook Pro M3 with this USB DAC Dongle


Wish your MacBook had better sound?

Apple unveiled their Apple Silicon MacBook Pro M3 at their 2023 Scary Fast Halloween event. The MacBook Pro M3 boasts cutting-edge performance, but there’s a spine-chilling truth. The audio experience falls short of its true potential.

Picture this: streaming your favourite tunes in jaw-dropping hi-res, from digital music platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Tidal, and Qobuz. But here’s the catch: this isn’t possible with the MacBook Pro M3. Don’t worry; we’ve got the solution.

Don’t let your playlist be haunted by subpar audio quality. Transcend the limitations of your internal digital-to-analogue converter and headphone amp and supercharge your MacBook Pro M3 with our external USB-C DAC/Amps – unleash the true potential of your music.

GO bar: £329/€329/$329

A live concert in your pocket.

The GO bar comes packed with four digital filter options to tailor the sound to your favourite music and headphones. XBass+ & XSpace analogue processing makes bass hit harder or makes music come alive—like a live concert.

Small size. Prodigious power.

GO bar gives you over 10x more output power than Apple’s headphone jack adapter and only weighs 4 grams more. Experience how your headphones are meant to sound. Power so free of distortion and noise, it’s like hearing in 4K.

Hear every last detail.

Get your money’s worth from your HD music service subscription. GO Bar supports true hi-res and advanced digital audio formats, up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD 256; along with full MQA decoding. Break free from limitations with your Mac. Immerse yourself in a symphony of details like never before.

hip-dac 3: £199/€199/$199

The legacy continues.

Meet the hip-dac 3, the latest in our iconic series, now in titanium shadow. The hip-dac 3 offers an auditory experience akin to a premium scotch, with richness and detail that tantalise the senses.

Revolutionary improvements.

Hip-dac 3 now boasts more features than ever and sounds better for it. Frequency response has been extended up to 100kHz, allowing you to hear space around instruments. Pesky background hiss found with high-sensitivity headphones can be banished with hip-dac 3’s built-in iEMatch; and embrace cable simplicity with new USB-C connectivity. XBass processing can also be found here, allowing your music to sound larger than life.

Where innovation meets mobility.

Hip-dac3 features a powerful 2,200 mAh battery for 12 hours of uninterrupted playback. Meticulously designed to effortlessly slip into your pocket or bag, the hip-dac3 is a perfect travel partner for your Mac, whether at your desk or on-the-go.

Why is my Laptop’s DAC subpar?

Any device that outputs sound has a DAC in it, but this is often a generic system-on-a-chip style solution – it’s trying to do many things at once, under one chip. You need to separate the processes and get the professionals in to do the job properly. After all, sound should not just be heard, but experienced.

Our DACs are distinctly different. Crafted with premium audiophile-grade components and sophisticated circuit design, iFi sets a benchmark for uncompromising audio excellence.

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