How to get rid of Amplifier and Speaker Hiss with iFi audio’s Quasar — Before and After


Struggling with amplifier hiss and hum? Read more on a valued customer’s journey as he tackles these audio nuisances head-on, with the help of our innovative technology.

Meet Mike – an avid audiophile with a top-of-the-line setup boasting Klipsch La Scala speakers and a Pass Labs power amplifier. Despite the premium quality of his gear, Mike found his system plagued by noise issues.

In a generous gesture, Mike shared a vlog, documenting his mission to eliminate these disturbances from his system. Through trial and error, he dissected his signal chain, eventually pinpointing the source of the problem to be between his power amplifier and speakers.

He then meticulously inspected his mains, verifying good earth, live and neutral connections to his system with a socket tester – before finally trying different power cables to his power amplifier.

Mike started testing different power cables with the fervour of a mad scientist. With each cable change, anticipation crackled in the air, as Mike’s expert ears assessed each of the La Scala drivers for results.

But it wasn’t until he introduced the iFi Quasar that Mike finally triumphed over these troublesome noise gremlins.

We’ve provided a snippet of Mike’s blog to showcase the remarkable difference before and after incorporating the Quasar. Can you hear the transformation?

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