iDSD Micro: High technology!

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We received this PDF from our distributor for France, Elite Diffusion.

“The British manufacturer innovates….Micro-iDSD also has a USB input that can handle digital audio signals up to 768 kHz PCM and DXD. It also can handle the DSD 64, 128, 256 and 512 to the native mode, a large first in the world of DACs. Micro-iDSD
includes a conversion circuit Burr-Brown doublecore of last generation. The user has access to three-position filter output, which changes the format detected (PCM, and DXD DSD)….The amplifier suitable can deliver up to 4000 mW! One can choose a power range from three (Eco, Normal and Turbo) that will affect the autonomy of the Internal Lithium polymer, respectively 14 hours, 10 hours and 6 hours….He shows restitution undeniable qualities, through its living character, well defined, and a stereo image high satisfactory…. It also has good linearity, and bass response satisfactory”

Translated by Google.

Thanks Elite Diffusion! (iFi:France)


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