The iPhono is awarded the “Exceptional Value 2014 Award” from Richard H. Mak of Tonepublications!

“When the little iFi iPhono box first landed on my desk, I thought it was my wife’s new iPhone….It was designed by Thorsten Loesch using technology trickled down from AMR’s nearly $12,000 Reference PH-77 phonostage. The iPhono may be small, but it is loaded with features that you will be hard pressed to find in other similarly priced phonostages….But sonically, the iPhono exceeds all my expectations for a phonostage of its size and price…and carries some of the organic characteristics of the much more expensive AMR PH-77, doing so without grain or edginess….The iPhono is a fantastic anchor for your first analog setup. Few others can compete with its sonics and there is nothing near it’s price that can compete with its feature set….All of this considered, we are happy to award the iPhono our last Exceptional Value Award of 2014.”

Wow, thank you very much for awarding us this!

Special thanks to Richard H. Mak and Tonepublications!


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