The Finale Feast

iFi serves the final course of the micro iDSD banquet – the micro iDSD Finale

Since the introduction of the micro iDSD in 2014, we’ve been meticulously crafting each iteration, releasing enhanced versions every three years. The third-generation iDSD Signature was our signature dish in our audio banquet, setting a high standard. Now, curiosity stirs as we prepare to unveil the final course, the micro iDSD Finale, and the refined flavours it brings to our audio feast.

The award winning micro iDSD is set to launch its ultimate version. This final edition marks the end of an era for this popular model in our DAC/AMPs product line, much like the decision made by Ford to halt production of the UK’s all-time bestselling car, the Ford Fiesta. Similarly, we have some bittersweet news to disclose. The micro iDSD is releasing its final edition, named the micro iDSD Finale. Set to launch this month, only a limited 1,000 units will be available. This truly represents your final chance to own a piece of the esteemed micro iDSD legacy with the highly acclaimed micro iDSD Finale.

Maintaining the distinguished lineage of the highly acclaimed micro iDSD Black Label (the second-generation), the micro iDSD Finale is instantly recognisable, boasting the same iconic enclosure silhouette as its predecessors. However, it sets itself apart with a unique and modern titanium grey colour way, a fitting tribute to its name – the FINALE.

Among the upgrades, we’ve incorporated the latest 16-core XMOS processor to support MQA decoding, ensuring the sound quality remains as pristine as when it was recorded in the studio. We’ve also upgraded the volume potentiometer, carefully selecting it for best channel balance at low volumes, thereby rectifying Left/Right tracking even at low volumes which is not found in far higher end equipment. Furthermore, we’ve upgraded the capacitors to ELNA Silmic II, ELNA’s highest grade capacitor. Known for its superior acoustic characteristics, the Silmic II uses silk fibre to produce a sound that is both more powerful and mellower.

Continuing to feature the remarkable Burr-Brown DAC chip, extensively used by iFi, the micro iDSD Finale is chosen for its natural-sounding ‘musicality’ and True Native architecture. With the micro iDSD Finale employing two Burr-Brown DAC chips, the digital engine benefits from four pairs of differential signals, two per channel. This configuration results in a lower noise floor, improved channel separation, and more precise musical details and micro-dynamics.

Powered by a 4,800mAh Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery, the micro iDSD Finale provides an ultra-clean, ultra-stable DC power supply. This design effectively avoids the dips, spikes, and noise-inducing RFI/EMI typically associated with AC mains power supply. The battery can be conveniently recharged via the USB Type-C charge port, located on the right-hand side, next to the battery status LED. The micro iDSD Finale continues to incorporate the beloved features of iFi’s micro iDSD. It includes 4.4mm / 6.3mm outputs and an Analogue Volume Control at the front.

Between them, you’ll find the XBass+ and 3D+ switches. XBass+ delivers a deep, tighter bass sound, while 3D+ Holographic provides an immersive, deep soundstage. Above these switches is an audio format indicator LED, which displays seven different colours to indicate file formats ranging from 44.1kHz to DSD 512 and MQA. Micro iDSD Finale also features USB-A/SPDIF digital inputs, a 3.5mm coaxial input, and an RCA analogue output at the rear. On the left side, you’ll find the Power Mode, Digital Filter selection, and iEMatch switches, allowing for fine-tuning to your preferred listening style.

With a limited production of just 1,000 units, this truly is your final chance to own the acclaimed micro iDSD Finale. These units are exclusively available from Adorama while stocks last.

Don’t miss out on the Finale!

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