Qualcomm QC5100 Series Bluetooth Chipset — iFi First to use for High-End Audio

Qualcomm QC5100 series Bluetooth chipset

Bluetooth technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that all manufacturers are doing their utmost to keep pace and here at iFi audio, we are pleased to announce that we are the very FIRST in the world to use the Qualcomm QC5100 series Bluetooth chipset in high-end audio equipment.

And there’s more. This Bluetooth chipset is so new, we have had to integrate the LDAC (Sony) and HWA (Huawei) coding ourselves in-house via our software team.

So, enough of the unashamed trumpet blowing…

What’s so important about the Qualcomm QC5100 series Bluetooth chipset?

Firstly, the processing power of the Qualcomm QC5100 series Bluetooth chipset is TWICE as good as the previous 8675 series chipset launched back in 2015. This means improved sound quality over Bluetooth. Plus, with the aptX Adaptive codec too, it is at the very cutting-edge of Bluetooth technology.

Secondly, it means that you can get your hands on this very latest Bluetooth tech at an affordable price. Better tech equals better sound quality. Our ZEN Blue and Aurora are the first high-end audio products in the world to use the QC5100 Bluetooth system. It simply isn’t available in any other audio product.

And, as stated earlier, we added the highly sought after LDAC and HWA codecs. We’ve left no stone unturned to bring you the very latest and greatest in Bluetooth technology.

A bit more on the Qualcomm family

The very latest Qualcomm audio range of Bluetooth chipsets, the 5100 series launched in 2019. The older 8675 series launched back in 2015.
The table below outlines the main differences between them.

About iFi audio products

iFi make a range of portable and desktop DAC/amps and, whether you choose the entry-level but feature-packed ZEN Blue, or the stunning all-in-one bamboo-clad Aurora, both released very recently, you’ll be able to stream all the very latest hi-res Bluetooth formats.

This includes Qualcomm’s aptX, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, Sony’s LDAC, Huawei’s HWA, Apple’s favoured format, AAC and SBC, the standard Bluetooth codec.

We’ve got your Bluetooth needs covered.

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