micro iDSD Signature

iFi audio micro iDSD Signature

Our iDSD Signature Dish

Our top-of-the-range desktop/transportable DAC and headphone amp will supercharge your tunes.

DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter)

DACs convert digital information, stored or streamed by computers, into the music we can hear through speakers or headphones.

Every device that’s a source of digital sound has a built-in DAC (TVs, games consoles, CD players, phones, portable music players etc). Dedicated external DACs sound much better than standard DACs used in digital devices such as phones.

File Formats

MP3 – this is the most popular format, every device in the world can use it.

At the opposite end, DSD – Direct Stream Digital is a very high-quality audio format, better than CD quality. The higher the number (sample rate), the better the recording – DSD64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024.

PCM – Pulse Code Modulation is the most common format for CDs and DVDs.

DXD – Digital eXtreme Definition is a very high-quality PCM format. It was developed to edit hi-res (high quality) recordings recorded in DSD.


MQA is a very high-quality streaming technology. It’s a compressed digital-audio format that doesn’t lose the audio quality of the original performance recording.

RFI + EMI (Radio-frequency interference)

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) is a type of interference caused by errant and unwanted electromagnetic waves that are received and amplified by an audio system.

RFI (Radio-frequency interference) is very similar to electromagnetic interference (EMI) but is found in the radio frequency spectrum. It is another source of irritating, unwanted noise often talked about as an ‘audio gremlin’.

Bit Perfect

If a file is ‘Bit Perfect’ it means it has stayed the same. For example, if a PCM file is played through a DAC to improve the sound quality and the DAC does not change the file format. The file is ‘Bit Perfect’.

Out of this world

Sporting a Space Blue finish and powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, the micro iDSD Signature is a transportable DAC/headphone amp that’s ready for anything that the universe throws at it.

Battery power means it’s ultra-clean with ultra-stable DC power and avoids the pitfalls of AC mains – dips, spike and noise-inducing RFI/EMI pollution.

And with up to 12 hours playing time, depending on the headphones and performance mode engaged, it feels like you could take it to the moon and back.

iFi audio micro iDSD Signature

Finely tuned

Based around two Burr-Brown DAC chips in a custom ‘interleaved’ configuration, the digital engine has four pairs of differential signals – two pairs per channel. This means

  • a lower noise floor
  • improved channel separation
  • finer musical detail and micro-dynamics

The micro iDSD Signature handles up to PCM 768, DSD 512, 2xDXD and MQA. All this is done natively. Both PCM and DSD remain ‘bit-perfect’.

Precision personified

Extensive jitter-eradication technologies are applied to the digital engine, including iFi’s GMT (Global Master Timing) femto-precision clock and the intelligent memory buffer.

The micro iDSD Signature also comes with iFi’s GTO (Gibbs Transient Optimized) digital filter installed. And exclusive firmware available on our website means you can change digital filters as you wish.

iFi audio micro iDSD Signature

Circuit training

With up to 4100mW of power the micro iDSD Signature can drive all manner of headphones with aplomb, from highly sensitive in-ear monitors to current hungry planar headphones.

The signal path has been refined to maximise sonic texture. High spec components featuring class-leading qualities such as low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance), high stability and low distortion mean top-notch sound quality and maximum musical enjoyment.

Add in the direct-coupled nature of the circuit – no coupling capacitor is present – and the micro iDSD Signature definitely runs rings around the competition.

Versatile sonic tailoring

One size no longer fits all when it comes to quality listening.

The digital stage of the micro iDSD Signature features a variety of filter settings:

  • ‘Standard’, ‘Minimum Phase’ and ‘Bit-Perfect’ for PCM files
  • ‘Standard Bandwidth’, ‘Extended Bandwidth’ and ‘Extreme Bandwidth’ for DSD

The amp stage also has three settings to adjust power and gain. As well as ‘Normal’, you get

  • ‘Turbo’  to ramp up the level of drive for current-hungry headphones
  • ‘Eco’ to dial down the power to suit high-sensitivity in-ear monitors and/or to extend battery life

Complete this with our iEMatch technology that adjusts output level and our XBass+ and 3D+ signature sonic tweaks, and the micro iDSD Signature is flexible to the max.

iFi audio micro iDSD Signature

Get connected

The micro iDSD Signature features two digital audio inputs – USB Type-A and an S/PDIF socket that accepts both electrical, via a 3.5mm connector, and optical signals – adapter supplied.

It also houses a pair of RCA analogue outputs to connect to a pair of powered speakers or a power amp to act as a DAC.

There is a 6.3mm output for headphones that have a standard single-ended connector (headphones with a 3.5mm jack can be connected using an adapter) and a 4.4mm Balanced output for headphones offering our S-Balanced connection.

Both headphone outputs utilise our ‘S-Balanced’ output circuitry. This delivers the sonic benefits of balanced connections with all headphone/earphone types – even those with single-ended connectors – cutting crosstalk and associated distortion in half.

Majestic measurements

iDSD Signature = 4,100mW
Laptop Headphone: 30mW


more headphone power

Hi-res audio support is state-of-the-art with True Native® playback. It handles PCM data to 32-bit/768kHz, DSD up to DSD512 and single and double speed DXD.

Thanks to the Burr-Brown DAC chip’s four-channel True Native design, PCM and DSD take separate pathways – this enables DSD, as well as PCM, to remain ‘bit-perfect’ in its native form right through to analogue conversion. This is not the case with all DAC devices from other brands – even if DSD compatibility is stated, many such DACs convert DSD signals to PCM.

Listen to Master Quality Authenticated audio straight out of the box. Connect to Tidal Masters and check the option to stream MQA.

MQA is an award-winning audio technology that enables music fans to stream the original master recording into their home, car or on their mobile. In the words of Gilbert O’Sullivan, iconic Irish-born singer-songwriter, “The great thing about MQA is that it delivers the finesse that was there in the desk sound. It’s tremendous, it sounds really good.”

Our video tutorials on You Tube show you how.

The Burr-Brown True Native® chipset means file formats remain unchanged or ‘bit-perfect’. This means you are listening to music as the artist intended in the format in which it was recorded.

At iFi we use Burr Brown extensively in our products having selected it for its natural-sounding ‘musicality’ and True Native architecture. Our experience with this IC means we know how to make the most of it.

Doubling the DAC chips results in 3dB lower noise floor and better channel separation. Together with power supply advancements and advanced channel interleaving, the noise floor has been halved.

All of this equals stellar sonic performance.

An important aspect of the circuit design is its direct-coupled nature (no coupling capacitor is present), achieved without a conventionally applied DC servo.

DirectDrive® equals a direct signal path which means less signal degradation. This direct signal path is unequalled in audio and is the reason why the sound is so ‘true’.

As with many other iFi audio products, we’ve incorporated a custom OV Series operational-amplifier. This top-notch component contributes to the extremely low noise, low distortion (0.0001%) and wide bandwidth.

iFi’s exclusive S-Balanced® circuit delivers maximum performance from single-ended and balanced headphones alike.

See our Tech Note to dig deeper.

Panasonic OS-CON caps totaling 5,410uF give very-low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), excellent noise reduction capability and frequency response characteristics. In addition, OS-CONs have a long-life span and its ESR changes little even at low temperatures since the electrolyte is solid.

They are not often found in products costing <US$1000.

With output power up to 4,100mW, this headphone amplifier drives all headphones with ease. It has 3 power modes – Eco, Normal and Turbo. Power and gain can be dialled-in perfectly to suit ALL headphones.

3D+ Holographic® delivers an immersive, deep soundstage. Check it out here.

XBass+® delivers a deep, tighter bass sound. Discover the details.

Texas Instruments low-noise ICs offer great unity-gain bandwidth, very low noise and distortion, high output drive capability, Common-mode and Power Supply Rejection Ratios of over 100 dB, wide maximum-output-swing bandwidths and high slew rates.

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Digital InputsUSB 3.0 type A “OTG” Socket (USB2.0 compatible/with iPurifier® technology built-in)
S/PDIF (3.5m coaxial/optical)
OutputS-Balanced: 4.4mm
SE: 6.3mm/RCA


DACBit-Perfect DSD & DXD, PCM DAC by Dual-core Burr Brown
ClockUltra low jitter GMT Femtosecond Clock
Octa/Quad/Double/Single-Speed DSD,
DXD (768/705.6/384/352.8kHz),
Double/Single-Speed DXD
PCM (768/705.6/384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz)


DSDExtreme/Extended/Standard Bandwidth
DXDBit-Perfect Processing

Line Output

Dynamic Range (Line)>117db(A)
THD & N (0dBFS Line)<0.003%
Output Voltage (Line)>2V
Output Impedance<240Ω
Jitter (correlated)Below AP2 test set limit

Headphone Power Output

Turbo ModePower (max)10.0V/4,100 mW
Power (continuous)>1,560 mW @ 64 Ohm
>166 mW @ 600 Ohm
Normal modePower (max)5.5V/1,900 mW
Power (continuous)>100 mW @ 300 Ohm
>950 mW @ 32 Ohm
Eco modePower (max)2.0V/500 mW @ 8 Ohm
Power (continuous)>250 mW @ 16 Ohm
Dynamic Range (HP)>115dB(A) (Eco Mode, 2V Out)
THD &N (HP 500mW/16R)< 0.008%
Output Voltage (HP)>10V (Turbo Mode)
Output Impedance<1Ω (iEMatch not engaged)
Maximum Output Power4,100 mW @ 16 Ohm Load
Continuous Output Power1,000 mW @ 64 Ohm Load


BatteryLithium-polymer 4800mAh
Power SystemCharging via USB-C, BC V1.2 compliant up to1500mA charging current
Dimensions172 x 67 x 27 mm
6.8" x 2.6" x 1.1"
Weight295 g (0.65 Ibs)

Highly Recommended!

“The micro iDSD Signature seemingly offers the best of both worlds when it comes to portably powering IEMs and headphones, staying on your desk as a base for more power hungry headphones, being a preamp for active speakers, using the DAC alone with other specialized amplifiers such as energizers for electrostatic headphones, or even using with your expensive IEMs that you dare not take along when traveling. There is a lot that could have gone wrong here, yet the pros list easily outweighs the cons!”

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La solución a cualquier audífono In Ear y Over ear

Thank you for this micro iDSD Signature review!


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“The iFi Micro iDSD Signature is a truly impressive device. For something so small to have such a rich feature set, such power and audio quality is really something to behold. The build quality looks and feels premium. The internal components are extremely high-quality which is reflected in the essence of the audio that comes out of this thing.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about the Signature is its versatility. From the most sensitive in-ear monitors to full-size power-hungry headphones to powered speakers it’s got you covered. And to top it all off, you can pick it up and put it in your pocket to use on the go thanks to its built-in battery. This is one heck of a device and in fact, it’s the first product to receive our new recommended award. Kudos to the iDSD Signature!”

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“Is it worth it?

Well, evaluating it in terms of a truly mobile (if not pocketable) device, not relying on host batteries, offering top class DAC competence, and truly capable to optimally bias anything, from the “easiest” IEM up to the “nastiest” planar overear well… Micro iDSD Signature is an easy win.”

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Incredibly good, despite the size

Already had the micro iDSD Black Label and also the micro iDSD Diablo, but for me the Signature is the best of the 3 as a complete package. Sure, the Diablo sounds slightly better with very difficult to drive KH, but it cannot drive very sensitive KH (or IEM) because it lacks the IE match. The Diablo also doesn’t have an XBass, which I really like on the Signature and Black Label. The XBass is implemented even better with the Signature than with the Black Label.
In addition, the Signature looks by far the coolest. Sorry for the words, but the thing is really nice!


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“This represents an astounding value since it can functionally replace my desktop $2,500 HP amp and $1,000 DAC and not leave me wanting. The fact that it’s portable also adds to its flexibility and value. You get the best of both a desktop and mobile setup in one device, without sacrificing any features or sound quality.”

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“In its class of portable DACs with headphone amplifiers, there is currently nothing better.
Chapéau ifi Audio, absolutely great sound!”

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“The iFi Micro iDSD Signature is surely a special unit. It is an excellent performer with a premium build, design, and internal components. It’s also very versatile with outputs and features. If you need something more out of a DAC/Amp then I don’t know what else would fulfill that.”

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Von Version 1 auf Version 3 gewechselt, 3fachSuper

Ich hatte den Ifi micro idsd und habe mir nun den Signature gegönnt. Das ist ein Sprung von Super zu 3fach Super. Mehr Details, mehr Natürlichkeit, mehr Räumlichkeit und eine bessere Kompatibilität in Sachen Spitzenleistung zu meinem Focal Elear (Laut ging schon vorher, aber nicht in Bit Perfekt, zu harte Impulse) . Mein Audio Technica ath-m50 hatte ich zum laut hören, der gibt dann mit dem ifi micro alt wie neu richtig feuer . Ich benutze mein Huawei P10 Plus über OTG-USB und der App USB AUDIOPLAYER PRO im Bit Perfekt Modus als zuspieler.

Die 3 Filtereinstellung ermöglichen ein feintuning zwischen Natürlich und Präzise. Die 3 Leistungsstufen bringen jedem Kopfhörer auch mit leiser Musik das ausreichende Level. Den symmetrischen Ausgang mit 4,4mm habe ich nur kurz mit meinen Inear Tin Audio T2 getestet. Auch da selbst leise eine große Bühne mit viel Raum und Details. Nachtrag, der Focal symmetrisch betrieben geht noch mehr in die Räumlichkeit und hat trotzen eine präzisere Ortung der Instrumente. VOLLENDS ZUFRIEDEN. Gekauft über WOD Audio. Dies ist keine bezahlte Rezension, ich bin einfach nur begeistert und möchte dies hier Kund tuen.


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“The iFi iDSD micro signature is my personal favourite headphone amp DAC.”

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“This thing is phenomenal”

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“The iFi micro iDSD Signature packs a lot into a little box. It is versatile and powerful with a natural, musical sound signature. If you’re looking for a portable device that can do it all – and sound great doing it – the iDSD Signature might be just what you need.”

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“The experience I had pairing the P-II and the Signature was pretty intense. Using the balanced 4.4 connection created an unbelievably crisp response that kept me coming back to it. It might not be for everyone, but the treble and upper mid extension sounded divine with the Signature, as the airy, sparkly textures resonated throughout the serene and intensely detailed soundstage. Turning on 3D mode even added some more top end resolution that helped extend the crisp treble even more. It also deepened the stage to a wild degree, accomplishing a more analytical stereo image. Using this feature obtained the ideal experience for listening to live music.”

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