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The iFi nano iDSD is full of ‘firsts.’ It is the world’s smallest, portable (only 163g), battery-powered, serious DAC that plays ALL high-resolution formats: PCM/DSD/DXD natively.

Its portable form belies its bleeding-edge technological design. With the latest breakthrough True Native® technology from AMR, the music format remains unchanged throughout. PCM (32bit/384kHz), DSD256 (11.2MHz) and DXD (384kHz) via Computer or iPhone/iPad/Android simply sounds stunning; opening up a whole new world of high-end audio quality to a whole new generation of users.

In a palm-sized chassis with an onboard lithium-polymer battery and headphone output, the iDSD is as extraordinary ‘on the go’ as it is in a ‘high-end system’. It handles Computers/Smartphones with aplomb. It even features an SPDIF coax digital output for A/V receivers or similar to offer unrivalled flexibility.

The iDSD. Small in size. Tremendous in technology.



At iFi, we care little for ‘which format is best.’ Rather, we are obsessed with replaying each format at their optimum.

What does this mean? Selection of the most advanced chipset and exemplary implementation.

The Burr-Brown DAC chip used was developed by BB Japan and BB themselves (as opposed to BB/TI). Though the product introduction was post-merger, this chipset represents Burr-Brown’s “swan song” for the best of their converter technology and remains to this day, held in high-regard.

Having a chipset able to play all formats would count for little if this was not all executed natively; without conversion from one format to another. Using trickle-down technology from AMR (who drafted the chipset code) to drive this Burr-Brown chipset, the original music format remains unchanged which is essential to attaining the zenith in high-end audio reproduction.


Quad - LOGO

Computer-audio playback is advancing at breakneck speed. The iDSD is at the cutting-edge.

The focus on portable devices has positioned the iDSD at the forefront of this latest audio shift. Not only on computers, but the iDSD coupled with an iPhone/iPad/Android device, becomes a high-end audio source; able to play all formats, stunningly well:

•  PCM from 16/44kHz all the way up to 32/384kHz.
•  Quad-Speed DSD to 11.2/12.4MHz.
•  DXD up to 384kHz.

Such a multi-talented DAC is seldom seen at any price which just goes to show the iDSD is state-of-the art, despite its affordable price.



The latest advancements in Smart Devices such as iPhone/iPad/Android has transformed them from a mobile phone to a portable, high-end Computer Audio Source*. These Smart Devices are able to natively encode and transmit high-res PCM/DSD/DXD audio. As the iDSD is able to natively decode the same, this high-end ‘Transport+DAC’ combination offers astounding sonics yet is all just palm-sized and able to be enjoyed on the move as well as at home.

Below are some screenshots taken with iPhone 4S with Onkyo HF Player > Camera Connection Kit > iDSD. As you can see, each high-resolution format is beng replayed, even DSD on 5.6MHz (the iDSD actually plays all the way up to 6.2MHz!).


*With the relevant software and connection cables (such as Onkyo HF Player and Camera Connection Kit). Please contact your phone manufacturer or iFi for more details.



The iDSD features an onboard lithium-polymer battery. This offers two distinct advantages. First, sonically-speaking, the iDSD is able to run on battery power for excellent sonics over generic noisy mains. Second, the iDSD via its powerful 80mW headphone amplifier offers high-end, portable audio enjoyment.

However, for ultimate sonics at home, it is also possible to run off the iUSB Power (via USB port) just by powering on the iDSD prior to connection to the PC.

The iDSD offers the best of battery and iFi USB power.



There are clock crystals and there are the clock crystals in the iDSD. The ‘clocks’ used in the iDSD which have been supplied by AMR, are military-grade temperature compensated master clock modules which avoid the creation of unwanted beat frequencies. Such crystals reduce overall digital noise and push jitter to the vanishing point. These clocks have been specifically-sourced from the telecommunications industry where standards are far more exacting than those in the industrial sector (which normally supplies to the audio industry).

Expect the iDSD to sonically compete with far more expensive DACs. Its smooth, ‘analogue’ sound is in large part, due to the overall quality of its components such as its special clocks.

Just like other products in the range, the iDSD benefits from AMR trickle-down technology. To lock-out jitter,the iDSD does not settle for Asynchronous USB transfer alone. To truly cancel jitter, it also employs AMR’s Zero Jitter® Lite technology from the famous AMR DP-777 which has Asynchronous as the starting, not finishing point.

Rest assured, the iDSD (and all other iFi usb products for that matter) don’t do generic implementation. This is why they are all so sonically satisfying.



The iDSD very visibly features a built-in precision analogue volume control which is more than a match for anything found at twice, even thrice its price point. Its smooth action reflects its smooth sound. It sure delivers the sonic goods.

This fastidious attention to detail and consideration for the user is standard for iFi.


The iDSD is not only able to supply an analogue signal, but its digital coax output means it can feed any suitably-equipped coax-DAC such as an A/V Receiver, to play high-end computer audio.

This versatility is typical of iFi and offers tremendous longevity and flexibility.



Power Source: Battery/USB Bus power
DAC/Amp always run on battery
Battery Life: ~ 10 Hours playback*
Formats: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/384KHz PCM
2.8/3.1/5.6/6.2/11.2/12.4MHz DSD
353/384KHz DXD
Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD DAC by Burr Brown (1-DAC Chip; 2-Channel; 4-Signals)
Filter: PCM: Standard/Minimum Phase digital (selectable)
DSD: Standard/Extended Range analogue (selectable)
DXD: Bit-Perfect Processing, analogue filter (fixed)
Input: USB 2.0
compatible with iPhone,iPod, iPad and Android Devices USB-OTG#
Output SPDIF RCA (only PCM up to 192KHz)
Audio RCA
3.5mm Headphone
Dynamic Range: >104dB
THD &N (35mW) < 0.005%
THD &N (Line) < 0.005%
Output Power (16R): > 130mW
Output Voltage: >1.65V (>100Ω)
Output Impedance:(Zout): <1Ω
Power Consumption: < 3W (charging battery and playback together)
Dimensions: 106(l)x67(w)x28(h)mm
Weight: 162g(0.43lbs)

* depends on sample rate and volume setting.
# requires Camera Connection Kit or OTG adapter. Cable sold separately.

User Manual

Please click the below icon to view the FAQs.

If you do not see solution to your query, then please do not hesitate to open a support ticket here:


“Nano iDSD is a powerful portable DAC with outstanding audio qualities!” A review on Son-Video.

“The output power of the iFi Audio Nano iDSD makes it possible to envisage a comfortable use with the majority of the headphones and headphones of the market…It is a real bargain for lovers of HD music on the go, offering unmatched performance and impressive performance at this price level.”

Thank you for an excellent review Son-Video and Elite Diffusion (iFi:France).

Translated with Google.

“iFi Nano iDSD Light Edition..a simple and more affordable high quality DSD device.” a review by Steven on MajorHiFi.

“The Nano iDSD LE is the latest DAC in the nano series from iFi Audio….the Nano iDSD Light Edition is a ‘trimmed up’ version of the earlier Nano iDSD DAC….One of the most noteworthy features in the Nano iDSD series from iFi Audio is the True Native audio which means no digital signal conversion is taking place. With True Native audio, the digital audio signal is simply transferred ‘bit for bit’ resulting in a real lossless audio signal…A few other features worth mentioning in the Nano iDSD LE are the Burr Brown ‘True Native’ chipset, military grade AMR clock crystals to eliminate jitter and Direct Drive Servo-less circuitry which eliminates output coupling capacitors for better output-sound….a battery life of up-to 10 hours and supports PCM, DSD and DXD…It’s a really nice portable DAC for under $150. Quite a powerful pocket amplifier for a decent price.”

Thank you Steven for your awesome review.

Matthew Yewbrey of Youtube reviews the iFi Micro iDSD and Nano iDSD…..”I can’t recommend it enough”

Nano iDSD: “The Nano though cheaper and slightly smaller, has nice specification and is very light…..It is so simple to get started and comes with very nice quality cable…..It has a really nice design and the built quality is superb….Everything screams quality!…The design is perfect and it is very well built….I can’t recommend it enough…The headphone sounds quite a bit better and has a cleaner signal…..It adds a touch of warmth to your music….I am impressed.”

iDSD Micro: “The Micro is slightly bigger version and has more features…..The sound is better and it is a very good DAC….As usual, everything is included and of great quality…..Nice billboard design and nice finish….Very clear and crisp sound and is feature rich…..Unbelievable how they packed this much stuff into this…The perfect DAC.”

Thank you Matthew for reviewing the Micro iDSD and Nano iDSD!

iDSD nano: Noteworthy portable DAC says HeadFlux!


HeadFlux tries out 4 portable devices with smartphones comparing them through various stages all with their own pros & cons.

Within the €200-300 bracket, the iDSD nano is a noteworthy device.

Check out their thoughts here:

Translated with Google

Thank you HeadFlux

iDSD nano: Entry level DSD DAC and headphone amp!


“Audio listening is only as good as the weakest link, so if you’re wondering whether those expensive headphones can sound as good as advertised, upgrading the DAC in your computer could be the answer. One such solution is the iFi Nano iDSD DAC and Headphone Amp……iFi Audio makes many different components to bring out the best that digital has to offer depending on your ears and your wallet. The iFi Nano iDSD DAC and Headphone Amp is a good start into the maze of digital audio. Its $200 price may give you pause, but considering everything it can do combined with a decent pair of headphones, the iDSD DAC could be all you need for quite a while to get the best from a computer or digital audio player.”

Thanks Bill Henderson and The!

iDSD nano featured on hosted by Power! France
To all French viewers! The iDSD nano is featured on which Power! presents a range of DAC and headphone amplifiers whereby the EISA winner iDSD nano appears!

The nano is featured at 6:40 and 12:50 minutes but we encourage all viewers to watch the video!


Thanks Power! and!


Eric boisseau is head over heels about the iDSD nano!
“In a very tight budget of just over € 200, it can really enjoy the sound quality on a smartphone headphones. Listening crosses a plateau to project us in a very appreciable HiFi quality. Smaller than my iPhone 6 with a lightweight and especially with its battery, it is very comfortable to use . Also of course the audio conversion quality, it is mainly its built-in battery that gives it an undeniable quality. It is inconceivable to me to use a DAC with my iPhone if I have to plug it into an electrical outlet or if the just pump the battery of my phone! The battery power will not take away his function headphone amplifier. Listening with the NAD VISO helmet HP 50 I stayed at 3/4 power, confirming its possible use with many headsets on the market. It will also be comfortable with a computer and / or a pair of powered speakers. Not to mention that this little box of aluminium swallows all audio formats , something fun with the most quality files of audio HD. I must find myself DSD and DXD to do some comparative tests. Now I have a DAC that can read them without complication.”

“I loved

The quality of the sound: the detail, scope and relief.
The neutral color musical: the spectrum is present without exaggeration, they sound very natural.
The battery life of 10 hours for portable use.
The beautiful object of aluminum and compact.”
Thanks Eric!

Translated with Google


Slacker of Chile’s ‘Capa9’ forum blogs about the iDSD nano!


“The unit itself looks and feels amazing, aluminum case with a very nice finish hail, it gives great style and elegance….With regard to portable use. To use IDSD in this format, you had to first turn the unit via click satisfactory potentiometer, and then connect to the source via USB OTG. To my surprise, all my audio working seamlessly with the Android device (Xperia Z1). I think this is one reason why this unit is so popular with users who opt for this mode (smartphone + dac / amp). ….Nano iFi I believe, succeeds in making the company more clear and transparent I listening on a portable device, including dac / amps and daps. It’s a real delight to feel the balanced spread of all frequencies. With a totally silent background, and solved by a convincing soundstage….. IDSD is a totally recommended for users who want versatility and long for a crystalline and transparent company, which has as its primary principle option.”

Thank you Slacker of!

“with the iFi iDSD as the source it’s the best system I’ve ever heard” – Customer, Ethan, enjoys Rock N Roll band, Phish, via the iDSD nano!


“I dragged the wife up to New York for three nights of the four night Phish run at Madison Square Garden. Great nights of good old American rock and roll with this popular “jamband”. Two days after being back to work in Florida I downloaded all four nights in 49KHz-24bit. As instructed by the iFi tutorial I playback with JRiver up sampling to DSD X2 to iFi USB2 > iDSD and the result is amazing. I was in the 7th row, dead center on the first night and the sound I get in my living room is ten times better. Of course a lot of the credit goes to the engineering of the recording, but I’m remain blown away, like the guy in the lazy-boy recliner (1980’s era) Maxell tape poster. I did in fact bribe my secret-Santa and scored a used pair of B&W 802 Diamonds as an upgrade from the 12 year old B&W 803 Nautilus mains at home, with the iFi iDSD as the source it’s the best system I’ve ever heard. I know you guys get to hear and sample many rigs, I’ll put mine up against anything in a Pepsi challenge as long as iFi can be my source. It sounds great with the Oppo disc player as well, but sunglasses are needed when iFi is the source….so clean and accurate.”

Thanks Ethan!



3 5

Bbsemeniuk shows off the nano series with Momentums!


Great snap BB! Keep on rocking the Momentums!
Thanks from iFi

Zococity reviews the nano series!
For all you Spanish viewers, Zococity (iFi;Spain) sheds more light on the iFi nano series, the portable range…..enjoy!
Gracias Zococity! – iDSD nano

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the iDSD is so delightful!


“The iDSD Nano is a tiny little box, and like its name suggests, it can play file formats of any size, shape or description.I think this little widget from iFi may be their neatest yet. There’s also a volume knob and headphone jack, for those looking for a very simple headphone-based system. The RCA outputs are for those of us pumping signal into some outboard something-something. It’s a luggable, not really meant for in-the-pocket-use, and will require a USB cable to get things off the ground. Dr K had its big brother this past summer.”

Thanks Scot Hull and Part time Audiophile!

Don edition NZ

‘007 Spectre’ does a number on the nano iDSD

To celebrate the launch of Spectre, ok, well almost, Capisco (iFi: New Zealand) got a plug of the ‘pocket rocket’ nano iDSD in the latest special Bond issue of M2, a men’s lifestyle publication.

Thank you to M2 magazine and Capisco. We are well and truly shaken ‘n stirred!




iDSD Nano: ‘Pocket transport Hi-Fi level!’

“However, the word “typical” in this case is not entirely appropriate, because of the combination of compactness, functionality and musicality iFi this model is unique not only in iFi, but in general in today’s handheld market. No other miniature DAC combo amp is not able to cope with the processing of sound “raw materials” of the high-resolution!….It completely fits into the concept of proprietary True Native, according to which each music format to be processed in its original form, without conversion of the one-bit in the multibit form or vice versa…..But the most interesting – is the ability of the device to work not only with laptops and mobile gadgets – such as smartphones running iOS or Android. Just connect any of these devices with iDSD using an adapter or USB-OTG cable to transform it from a simple mobile phone in the pocket transport Hi-Fi level!”

Thank you Artem from ‘doctorhead’, borisov and Qvinta-audio (iFi:Russia)


Nano iDSD is a price / performance monster and highly recommended says Hakancez!

“In this article, we examine the model of the Nano idsd if the audio company…ifi idsd Audio Nano, low budget and a product that enthusiasts who come to the rescue of a DAC seeking support current formats. Device price performance makes it a monster in itself to use in different scenarios. DAC for your system, a portable DAC and headphone amp, and is a great solution for many needs as a headphone amplifier to stand alone.”

Thanks Hakancez!


iDSD Nano: Best-buy says Louis of Stereoikolorowo!

“What is nano iDSD? It is primarily asynchronous digital-to-analog converter based on Burr-Brown DSD1793, natively supports high-definition formats PCM, DSD and DXD, which is all important. There is also a headphone amplifier so. battery: it has a built-in lithium-polymer battery that allows up to a minimum of 10 hours of uninterrupted operation. In addition, the equipment is also a full-fledged converter S / PDIF (digital output), works with all smartphones and tablets working on a variety of operating systems (suitable adapters are necessary), and naturally with computers….. tonal density and high ductility media supported good spaciousness and good depth. The sound is characterized by a pleasant and physiological clearly perceptible color with a hint of finesse and warmth. The sound is fleshy and alive – light but parallel massive and evocative. …..actuate an army of headphones, embellish and plasticise processed sound to make music sounded lush and racially – had high-fidelity rite….all for less than 900 PLN – just a “Best-buy”!

Thanks Louis Hegel and Stereoikolorowo!


iDSD Nano: reasonable price with a big performance!

” In my settled the setup this animal, and I am pleased to share with you my first impressions of listening and its uses…. I believe IFI iDSD Nano very interesting device and worthwhile purchase… a stationary version, working as a DAC, Nano showed himself very convincingly, and DSD-material – and just perfect! And all this at a price cheaper than the average USB-cable? Really, in this price segment it is not seen competitors.

Thanks SV_huMMer of!


In one word: impressive! Says Juan C. Muñoz about the iDSD Nano!

The iDSD nano receives 5 stars for all 5 categories – Construction, Design, Benefits, Quality sound, Quality / Price in Spain’s leading HiFi magazine!

” you’re in luck because the iFi IDSD Nano is one of those “gadgets” that can make the definition and tone of the music will improve substantially…..Surprising handling capacity all kinds of digital signals. Versatility and good sound. Quality ratio / price…..I am sure that anyone who saw the features of this DAC without physically seeing him think that is a model 1000 or 1300 euros, and is practically not know of any model in this price range that is able to work with PCM signals at 384 MHz and less with the huge variety of DSD and DXD signals that are trained iFi IDSD the Nano.”

Thanks Juan C. Muñoz and!


4 wheels moves your body…..iDSD Nano moves your soul!

” One of the brands creating a stir has been iFi – particularly with its iDSD range…..Before I go any further I’d like to tell you that I came into this review expecting to be slightly underwhelmed…..Well the good news is that the Nano ticks all of my boxes for a great DAC. It is musical, but without losing detail. It is smooth, but not too warm and the overall sound has a nice sense of spaciousness for the price and size of the Nano…..Given that the DAC was already very good, an overly warm amp stage could have sunk the Nano’s performance, but iFi nailed the balance here and the end results are smooth, musical, detailed and enjoyable. In short, the Nano is an amazing auditory package as a stand-alone device…..Overall, the Nano has wowed me. It looks great, it’s tiny for what it is and does, and the fact that it offers native DSD playback, variable line-out USB to SPDIF conversion, and a great in-built amp all make it a hands-down winner in my book. I was expecting to be underwhelmed by the Nano, but I absolutely love it and will be sad to see it go… so much so that I might be $300 poorer after this exercise (but musically richer for owning an iFi Nano iDSD).”

Thanks Passion for Sound & MaxMedia (iFi:Australia)!



The iDSD Nano cruising around the world!

We often receive kind messages and images from our customers using iFi equipment but we just had to share this one!

The iFi equipment is used and enjoyed by the crew who operate a $15M Super Yacht!

“Sounds wicked….and that’s an understatement….So it’s the laptop running JRiver > iFi iUSB > iFi Nano DAC > Integrated “marine” head amp / B&W book-shelf with a small “Fusion” powered sub. While the playback system isn’t anything to brag about it sounds really clean and accurate, adding the iFi DAC was like dumping $15K into a home stereo, incredible. Oh and it’s also your fault now I have to track down more and more HD music to acquire. Thanks for rejuvenating my love of music, I think I got busy with life and this breakthrough in technology and products of yours has me back enjoying my favorite form of art………when I have time. Very good friend who pushed me to try out iFi. He said all along that iFi was superior………I agree.”

Thanks Ethan and Crew!

Enjoy your adventures!


iDSD Nano: One of the best priced DAC’s says Fernando!

“The way we listen to music has changed a lot in recent years….Now we can take us anywhere and demand higher quality and improved sound where we are….the nano IDSD sounds with excellent quality and absolutely swallows everything that we have put forward (musically speaking) and plays with a very good fidelity….In any case the audio is really good, balanced, with good spatiality with sharp detail….Ultimately the iFi nano IDSD is one of the best DAC with a price “for everyone” I’ve had, if not the best”

Thanks, Fernando Doutel and Zococity (iFi:Spain)!



DM of Computeraudiophile gives the iDSD Nano the first Best-buy!

“At the beginning of the year, it took me a while to get my hands on this little guy (sold out everywhere)…The sound is very natural and balanced, with enough speed and power and also a hint of sweetness in the vocal. It engages people and just keep pumping out emotional content over and over again. This now seems like a house sound of iFi now, both of their products (iDAC and iDSD) sounded very musical. It just made me want to keep on listening….Overall I will rate the nano iDSD 75 out of 100. But consider the difference in price, USD189 vs. USD699 and USD600, the nano iDSD also has DXD/DSD support for iPhones, it is a no-brainer recommendation. In fact, I will name it the first Best-Buy in this ongoing review”

Thanks DM and!



Stereo&Video gives the iDSD Nano an Outstanding score!

“Thanks to its size, weight and to battery power is the perfect device Nano iDSD for use outdoors and at home…Indicate the sampling frequency signal to input and other operating conditions caters one in seven LED shining through small hole on the top cover….D / A converter consists of DSD / PCM chipset Burr-Brown (384 kHz / 32-bit) allow native playback of PCM, DSD and DXD (originally developed for editing recorded in DSD) in all possible sampling Rate and Resolution…The price is nice, comparable competition is far larger and more expensive”

Thanks Pavel Víšek,; (iFi:Czech Republic) and Stereo&Video!


Accessory of the year 2014: iFI Nano iDSD!

We just received this from our Portugal distributor and just had to share!

Translation from the image: The iDSD is a converter for streaming and also integrates an amplifier for headphones. What iFIs Audio managed to put in a box so small? Well, nothing less than a lithium battery with a capacity of 10 hours of operation, depending on used headphone and volume, of course, and integrating the latest chips developed by Burr Brown in Japan. The chip is the DSD1793 and, as the name implies, supports DSD format as PCM, with a resolution of up to 24 bit, having a 113 dB dynamic range and a maximum distortion of 0.001%. The iDSD uses Zero Jitter Lite technology from AMR and have also an integrated circuit specific for headphone signals amplification.

In terms of input, digital formats the Nano iDSD accepts PCM from 16 bit/44 .1 kHz to 32 bit/384 kHz, DSD bit until 6.2 MHz and DXD until 384 kHz.

Thanks Jorge, Audio Cinema emcasa and SmartAudio (iFi:Portugal)!


Hi-Res related in big success “iFi iDSD Nano”

“iFI nano iDSD” run ratio the tip of the definitely high-resolution world items….iFI nano iDSD has a built-in battery, iOS / Android devices and Windows / Mac OS loading machine and USB DAC and Portable Headphone amplifier that can be used by USB connection….DSD correspondence should become an important point more than ever in the future of high-resolution equipment.”

Thanks Hinuma Satoru-shi!



Nano iDSD – one of the Top 3 “2014 Greatest Bits”

We would like to thank Mr Lavorgna and the AudioStream team for making the nano iDSD one of the 2014 Greatest Bits dacs. Mr Lavorgna had this to say, “The iFi nano iDSD DAC supports up to 32/384, DXD, as well as single, double, and quad rate DSD. While that’s all well and good on paper, I’d rather have a 24/96 DAC that sounds good and avoid the numbers race. The thing is the iDSD DAC sounds good. Really good, exhibiting a natural smoothness and a lovely dimensional quality that belies its price. About the size of a deck of cards, the iFi also doubles as a headphone amp and throws in an analog volume control. I’d say if you’re looking for a DSD-capable DAC in the $1,000 range, check out the iFi iDSD DAC.”

Thank you AudioStream very much indeed!


iDSD Nano receives Editor’s Choice Award from thepcenthusiast!

“The iFi Nano iDSD is not a new product and it has been on the market for quite some time now. But it’s probably, one of the best (if not the best) DAC/AMP you can get for under $200 USD… It looks so clean and really nice, not to mention the body is really solid as well….Using the iFi Nano iDSD is very easy….I have been using the Nano iDSD for around 3 months now, and it’s really a nice well-rounded device. Generally the sound that it produces is very clean and full of energy….My experience was simply great, every instrument and every detail of the music was there. I also love rock and heavy metal and definitely the Nano iDSD didn’t back down to whatever genre I throw at it. I find myself listening to soothing music from Billy Joel, Eric Clampton, to the loud and electrifying music of Metallica….it offered a (slightly) better audio experience compared to the current DAC/AMPs I have with me as of today….To sum it all up, I’m impressed with the performance and sound quality of the iDSD.

Thanks The PC Enthusiast!


Andante High Fidelity Ecopy-27

iDSD Nano & Micro iPhono appears in Andante Magazine!

“iPhono: Small size despite 6 x stereo EQ curves, adjustable MCU load, devotees of ultra-low-noise MC stage, adjustable MM load, adjusted earnings and ultra-wide dynamic range with class A circuit quality features such as hosting iphono very top is for the price succeeds.”

“iDSD Nano: The world’s smallest can of portable (only 163 g) with batteries work with the DAC idsd, all high definition formats (PCM / DSD / DXD) can play.”

Translated by Google.

Thanks Andante magazine and Dukkanhifi (iFi:Turkey)!

office audio gear 2

Proof is in the pudding say’s Solarrdadd of about the iDSD nano & iUSBPower!

We received some kind comments from Archie aka Solarrdadd and we thought to share!

“i was looking for a good DAC, for not a lot of money and one that didn’t take up a lot of desk space….i purchased the iFi nano iDSD DAC & a companion product, the iFi micro iUSB Power….the ultimate proof was in the pudding. once i played that first song on the new setup in my office, i was sold….i have a wide variety of music on my system, everything from classic rock, big band, old world jazz, modern rock, R&B, classical music, i have everything. the DAC makes everything sound their best….when i’m at work, the good music helps me think and gets me through my day and get complicated projects done. i’m blessed to be able to have this kind of system in my office and listen to it without having to use headphones. i am able to have the same music i love and listen to at home, but, now, at work and it sounds good too.”

Thanks Archie!

Thor & Duke Nukem agrees too!



Sound&Vision rates nano iDSD very, very highly!

With thanks to Pixel (iFi Hungary) and Sound & Vision, the following are some of the key points of their review.

“A variety of different quality, especially Mp3 signals tested nano. Startling differences were experienced. Playing audio files from your computer’s USB port the nano’s resolving ability shows how much it can improve the music signal. Even with Mp3 it cut the jitter error down drastically. Well the nano’s simply named ZeroJitter Lite technology is apt.

I just congratulate this little unit. There is a built-in 1400 mAh battery hidden under the casing, which is intended to be provided with the mobile tasks. The battery lasts some 10 hours which is plenty.

Overall, the Nano really knows what it is doing and delivers on its promise and is the perfect musical experience.”

Thank you Sound & Vision!



5 Star Nano iDSD Wins MacWorld Editor’s Choice!

Mr Andrew Harrison, Editor at MacWorld awarded 5 stars and Editor’s Choice Award to the nano iDSD, “If you want to improve the headphone sound of your Mac or iPhone, the iFi nano iDSD could be the best option under £1000.” And concluded that “The iFi nano iDSD serves as a great upgrade to the headphone sound of MacBooks, iPhones and iPads. It’s superbly made and brings a major upgrade to CD-level sound, as well as open up the many possibilities for real high-resolution music that are now available from computers and mobile devices.”

Thank you Mr Harrison, very much. We hope more Mac users try the nano iDSD and unleash the full potential of their Mac audio.



Panagiotis Karavitis takes the smooth-sounding iDSD Nano on vacation!

“How do you listen to music when you plan a long-term vacation? let me say this straight up, it’s an amazing combo for the money: HTC’s one M8 mini 2 feeding the iFi nano iDSD DAC and headphone amp, with a pair of Superlux 681 evo headphones….the iDSD DAC can play all sorts of audio formats, including quad rate DSD (11.2MHz) and DXD, thanks to the Burr Brown DAC chip that lies inside.Output is 80mW/16Ohm, 130mW/32Ohm, not bad for its small size and weight (163gr) especially considering the fact that it runs on Lithium batteries that outlast my HTC phone. Other interesting features are the precision analogue potentiometer, a pair of RCAs for analog output, and even an SPDIF RCA output that supports 24/192 PCM! All this will set you back less than $200 which makes it a bargain in my book any day of the week….How did the HTC/UAPP/iFi/Superlux combo perform? Amazingly well, smooth-sounding with good resolution.”

Thank you Panagiotis Karavitis!

Check out that snap of the iDSD Nano! Great scenery!



iDSD Nano surprises Krzysztof of StereoLife!

” I was glad to learn that this company is going to conquer the mobile market with a new brand that would take handfuls of papers and patents AMR-a, and at the same time be affordable for all…. the sound iDSD Nano very positively surprised me….little device Audio iFi played very well….Verdict: Incredibly cool, well-sounding device for little money. You can take them with you into his pocket, where he will play with practically każdymi headphones, to improve the sound of any desktop system or even plug the audio system”

Thanks Krzysztof Kalinkowski and StereoLife!



Art’s Excellence coverage of the Nano iDSD EISA award!

“That iFi Audio makes special and interesting products has been known for a while. Music lovers know to assess. The unique features of this affordable and convenient “boxes” on value With the advent of Nano iDSD early this year that were also underlined. For example, our English-language instructional video to date been viewed nearly 6,000 times! Despite the arrival of the iFi Micro iDSD which continues in all areas, is and remains the Nano iDSD unique! So unique in fact that the EISA Nano iDSD proclaimed fidelity bargain of the year”

Thanks Kees Jan of Art’s Excellence!



ClieOS pens a very technically proficient review of the nano iDSD/iCAN/iPurifier

It is not every day that one comes across a reviewer who knows what he/she is measuring as well as being able to pen an exceptionally thorough review. Well ClieOS from has done just that.

In addition to the very nice review on the sonics and features, we do like reading about the technical measurements and the fact that the nano series measure just fine.

“On the nano iDSD however, I’ll say you are getting a hell lot more of a DAC than an amp…

How did iFi do it then? Well, they were able to dig up some hidden features that are designed into the chip but not officially documented. Then they develop a custom XMOS solution to enable all those extra stuffs that you won’t find on any other DSD1793 implementation outside of iFi. The result is a sub$200 USB DAC that has features than usually belong to DAC that is priced in the thousands….

The degree of refinement is something I haven’t experienced on EQ from another brand of portable amp…

…. iFi Audio has managed to pack in some unique features to both nano iDSD and iCAN to make them stand out from the sea of portable amps and DAC in the market, while still makes sure they stay competitively priced. That’s no small feat on its own.”

We would like to thank ClieOS for taking the time to listen, measure and dig deep down into what the nano iDSD, nano iCAN and iPurifier all do. A big thank you. We will definitely refer to you if we need independent measurements on any iFi or non-iFi products!



The USB connection and iPhone5S iFI Audio nano iDSD! High-resolution playback on iPhone finally complete!

Koyama-san, a customer who made a YouTube video of the nano iDSD and how it connects to the iPhone. We enjoyed the video very much. Even though our Japanese is a little rusty, we understood the instructions and advice.

Yoroshiku Koyama-san!



Nano series & iRack at CanMania (Capital Audiofest 2014)!

“The iFi iRack was so cute and beautifully manufactured. It housed the iDSD Nano and the iCAN Nano. The iDSD ‘is the world’s smallest, portable (only 163g), battery-powered, serious DAC that plays all high-resolution formats: PCM/DSD/DXD natively’. The The iFi iCAN Nano is the battery-powered headphone amplifier. The sound through Sennheiser headphones was lively and dynamic. Not as refined as some of the multi thousand dollar headphone amplifiers you will read about later in the report, but damn fine for the low price. Add the iRack and you have a really good personal home system.”

Thanks Audiophilia Staff!



iDSD Nano and iPurifier makes an impression on Christian of Hifitest!

“From the sound, I was actually quite surprised and impressed immediately. This little thing delivers a dynamic that throws you. Clear, clean, with a beautiful directness and dynamics can describe the character….The IDSD is a very big tip for the high-ended PA go. Whether or smartphone from laptop, this little DAC brings out every detail…”Active USB Power Purifier” stands on it and thus gives an indication that there is a little device that the usually quite dirty USB power cleans and passes in an unadjusted form to the transducer. So what is always useful and sonically rewarding. I’ve just snapped colleagues, played with and without the little thing music and let them say what was better. The answer was always on the variation with iPurifier in the entrance. This confirmed my impression.”

Thanks Christian Rechbach and Hifitest!



iDSD Nano: Five Portable Hi-Res Audio Gear (Obscura-magazine)

“Embedded with a Special Custom-made by Burr-Brown DAC chip, the sound signature is very natural with nice clarity and balance….this little thing not only capable to decode DSD files, but also the niche DXD format, and for the popular PCM format it even supports up to 32-bit and 384 kHz! It’s packed with an internal headphone amplifier too….ultimate product with all the greatest functions and the most reasonable price in one package”

Thanks Obscura Magazine!



HDPhonic tries the iDSD Nano at Munich!

“At the iFi Audio booth there was only one new product: the Nano-iDSD, the smallest portable DA converter in the world that supports PCM up to 384 kHz and DSD up to 6.2 MHz with dual BB1795 chip developed exclusively by Burr-Brown Japan. The peculiarity of this DAC is the direct conversion of native DSD directly to analog without intermediate steps. We got to hear this DAC with both a LCD-2 and with our HD 600 thanks to the kindness and courtesy of Vincent Luke, marketing coordinator of iFi Audio. Our first impressions of the DAC using DSD files of records that we know quite well, were extremely positive as regards the overall sonic performance. The sound was spacious, clean and warm at the same time and very close to that of a studio master tape played back from a one-inch recorder. iFi Audio has put a product on the market that will be talked about not just because of its price of $ 189.”

Thanks HDPhonic!



Michael Lavorgna’s Favorite DACs: iDSD Nano makes the list!

“The iFi nano iDSD DAC supports up to 32/384, DXD, as well as single, double, and quad rate DSD. While that’s all well and good on paper, I’d rather have a 24/96 DAC that sounds good and avoid the numbers race. The thing is the iDSD DAC sounds good. Really good, exhibiting a natural smoothness and a lovely dimensional quality that belies its price.”

Thanks Michael! We’re honored to be among-st your favorite DAC’s!



iFi Me: Klaus of Soundcheck tries the iDSD Nano!

This DAC can also act as a “standard” battery powered stationary DAC. That’s what I’m using it for. First contact. Wow. Highest quality boxing. I usually don’t think much about boxing….The iDSD sounds clean and dynamic. You can hear into the last rows and behind of an orchestra and still experience a nice very dynamic performance and separation of sounds (of percussive nature, drums etc.)….The soundstage is nicely and coherent built. Basically it’s all there, in the right order and size, without breaks in the picture and plenty of air around the sound sources. This impression continued after listening to some more test track….Overall, the iDSD was the clear winner of the game though. I didn’t have to think twice about it. (And that without the iDSD being broken in!!)

Thank you Klaus of Soundcheck-audio!



iDSD Nano impresses Richard of HiFi Wigwam!

” after reading a rave review of the iFi iDSD Nano on the Audiostream site, I thought I would give that a go. I don’t actually really need another DAC, but at 165 pounds for the Nano, I thought ‘what the hell’….After listening to the iDSD for the past two or three weeks, I am incredibly impressed. It has a slightly sweeter, ‘richer’ sound than the HRT. It is very detailed without throwing the detail in your face – I find I can follow the words that people are singing very easily. The JBLs have a very solid stereo image and with the Nano, the image just sits there nicely in space. Acoustic instruments sound a lot like acoustic instruments – there is no artificial ‘digital brightness’, they are just detailed and rich, and yet powerful and dynamic.”

Thanks Richard Dale (Hifi Wigwam)!



iDSD nano makes a statement in HiFi Statement

Dirk Sommer, an elder statesman of audio reviewers, puts the iDSD nano through its paces:

“The days of having to invest huge sums in high-end audio equipment, are fortunately over. A computer, a smartphone or a tablet is present in almost every household. This along with a couple hundred euros for an app and the iDSD, one has a source that can inspire even in a very high-quality chain. Good sound has never been so affordable!”

Dank Sehr Mr Sommer!



iDSD Nano upgrade featured on Theabsolutesound!

” iFi-Audio, maker of several very interesting miniature audio components, has upgraded their battery-powered portable iDSD nano DAC and headphone amplifier to play quad-speed DSD256 computer audio files…. iFi-Audio identified some Japanese jazz piano DSD256 recordings that I downloaded and tried. They were very clean, spacious, highly nuanced and sounded a whole lot like someone playing a piano in a moderately reverberant room. Through the upgraded iDSD nano, my Audeze LCD-X headphones sounded a bit tonally richer than before the upgrade. If you enjoy the iDSD nano as much as I do, this is a worthwhile upgrade.”

Thanks Absolutesound!



iDSD Nano: Top-class says John Fernandes via!

” Whether it’s high resolution PCM signals (32bit/384kHz), DSD (6.2MHz) or DXD (384kHz) reproduced from computer or iPhone / iPad / Android devices, the result is always the same: awesome. It’s like a new world of audio quality high end suddenly stay within reach of a whole new generation of users….IDSD is so extraordinary “on the street” to feed headphones or earphones with high quality sound, as connected to a computer or even a Hi-Fi system of high quality domestic, as it offers not only a stereo output through two standard RCA plugs as well as a coaxial digital output for connection to receivers A / V or any other system of high fidelity…IDSD is at the forefront of this technological trend….A DAC with these capabilities is extremely difficult to find in the market, in any form and at any price, and more difficult even when we know the IDSD represents the state of the art at an affordable price.”

Thank you John Fernandes of for this post!



Audio of Poland finds a new superlative for the nano iDSD “Delicious!”

We would like to thank Mr Nowak from Audio of Poland (and iFi Poland: Moje Audio) for this very succinct and articulate review. What a conclusion! “Fabulously sophisticated. The attention to nuances, and at the same time a lot of power – delicious.” Thanks Audio of Poland!



iFi nailed it: Customer Michael’s words about the Nano iDSD!

“The iDSD DAC uses a Burr Brown DAC which handles PCM and DSD close to their own terms….iFi also provides everything you need to get going including a USB cable, RCAs, and a small travel pouch. Nice. But all of that doesn’t add up to a hill of beans if the iFi iDSD DAC doesn’t make music worth listening to. Luckily for us lascivious music listeners and lovers, it sure does….the iFi iDSD DAC announced itself with a nice, rich, round sound. It offered a lovely dimensional quality to the music it reproduced that I’ve come to associate with a handful of mostly more expensive DACs….There was a consistent, rich, warm, lively, and inviting sound with the iDSD DAC that led me from album to album, as opposed to track to track, or even worse part-of-a-track to part-of-a-track. The iFi engendered the kind of listening that is driven by musical joy….I’d say iFi nailed this one.”

Thanks very much for the review Michael Lavorgna of!



Customer Philippe left speechless after listening to the Nano iDSD!

“Needless to beat around the bush, sound results provided by the IDSD Nano are truly excellent and there is no need to use High Resolution files to notice…Listening DXD test files, the sound quality is still a cut above, the definition as purity stamps and dynamics are falling and we play almost in the same league with a few DSD files test we have, and the purity of restitution leaves you speechless….In conclusion, given its universality vis-à-vis audio formats, its excellent performance, compactness that is breathtaking, and not forgetting its very affordable price, we award our reward Qobuzissime digital analog iFi Audio IDSD Nano”

Merci Philippe Daussin of!



iDSD Nano:The Cheapest DSD Solution says customer suinspire!

” iDSD never disappointed me, not a tiny bit at all…. iDSD is very good on its own, the sound is forward, punchy and very meaty. iDSD is capable to render music with lots of detail, in a analog way. The overall sound is quite smooth and you can’t find any harshness in them, bass is punchy and present, impressive for a little device, it can do what DACs that are bigger in size can do, and sometimes outperform them…. I attached the iPurifier to the iFi Audio iDAC, the differences are spot on, first of all, the sound is much less noise and less harsh, means music is more quiet now. In short, sound is cleaner and clearer after the iPurifier….I can tell you that iDSD is definitely a very good and worthy product, very suitable for beginner and for enthusiast, they won’t be disappointed how good iDSD Nano is, too. “

Special thanks to suinspire of!



Positive Feedback for the Nano iDSD’s firmware upgrade!

“The free firmware upgrade adds even more to the already impressive capabilities and features of the very affordable iDSD Nano. To have quad rate DSD and ASIO support in such a small, portable DAC is impressive and some might say even amazing. If you need to add high resolution audio playback to your desktop computer or portable devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone), this could be just the ticket! “

Thank you Positive Feedback!


blog pc lab

One of the first reviews of the iDSD by

4 Apr 2014, “Just listening to it is addictive like Plas through swamps and it’s a wonder sometimes takes that such a little thing can play so horny..” Google Chrome is not so polished at Polish but it sure sounded the reviewer found the iDSD to have a kinky sound!….The summary will be short and concise: buy yourself the iDSD.” Thanks Chris of



i = interactive, fi = fidelity…About IFI Audio few words

29 March 2014, ” The inside of the iFi nano IDSD late components of the same quality show that we encounter in expensive DACs. It appears to be with a big heart … a little giant…. A deja vu feeling at the time I was playing Super Audio discs with my Sony SCD 777 players, only a fraction of the price …”



Absolute area of audio OTO-TOY-LAB / Takahashi Atsushi Takahashi Kentaro

2 March 2014, In the first of a series by audio engineer Kentaro Takahashi whose music distribution site OTOTOY, is working on hi-res & DSD in his “OTO-TOY-LAB” blog, th nano IDSD , and iLink are featured. The “Audio absolute area of Atsushi Takahashi” series of Phile-web also sees the nano iDSD featured. Recording engineers and DJs alike are getting in on the iFi product range – grrrrreat. Yoroshiku Ryo-san and!



STOP THE PRESS! The Absolute Sound: Wowed by the iDSD+iCAN

20 February 2014, The Absolute Sound/HiFi+ gets their mitts on the nano iDSD and nano iCAN. As standalone and as a magical combination.
“Let me just jump right in and say that the iDSD nano sounds ridiculously good for the money—more than competitive with other portable DACs I’ve heard thus far”
“If you weren’t able to hold the compact device in the palm of your hand (with room left over) and if you judged it purely on sound quality, you might easily think the iCAN was one of today’s nicer desktop headphone amps. Yes, really.”
Thanks Mr Chris Martens!



iDSD is no.1 seller in Japan!

27 January 2014, By portable amp sales ranking at e-earphone (supplied by electronics giants Osaka & Akihabara), the nano iDSD is No.1!
Absolutely stonking. Thank you Ryo-san, Sasakihara-san and the team at iFi Japan and Top Wing! (who needs Maverick when you are our wingman!)
If you would like to and watch the e-earphone video…
(see 00:09:36 for the sales chart)


iFi USB Audio Driver Installation & Download