iFi breaks into the major league – Nano iDSD scoops EISA award


iFi shatters the mould with EISA award
Very few audio companies ever break out from the little to the big league – to mix it with the likes of Sony, Denon, Samsung and co.

Well, in arguably the most significant piece of news this year for iFi (and we had a few) iFi is absolutely over the moon to announce that the nano iDSD has won the EISA 2014-2015 Best Product in the Hi-Fi Accessory category. For a two years “young” company such as iFi (okay, parent AMR has been going for much longer) this is just about unheard of as we are pretty much the youngest company to have ever won the prestigious EISA award.


Please click on this picture to go to the official EISA nano iDSD award page.

It seems iFi is gaining bigger and bigger accolades and they do not come much bigger than the EISA award. In everyday terms, this is like a non-Hollywood movie winning an Oscar for the best movie! So as you can see, this is pretty major news for any audio company let alone iFi.


EISA Background
EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) is the most prestigious consumer electronics association in Europe and spans the globe. Perennially, the electronics giants are always there – and it acknowledges mainstream ground-breaking products.

The EISA citation reads:
“Beautiful sounds can certainly come from very small packages, as iFi’s nano iDSD serves to demonstrate. This USB DAC is powered via an internal Lithium battery that’s charged via the connected USB hub on a PC or Mac, offering up to 10 hours of playing time with most headphones or via the RCA line outputs. The single USB input confers compatibility with the highest resolution music files including 32-bit/384kHz DXD and quad-speed DSD256 and will even play DSD files directly from a mobile phone (iOS/Android) or iPad using a third-party App. The specification includes precision, temperature-compensated clocks and a bespoke headphone amp rated at 80mW but it’s the impressively sweet and insightful sound that is the nano iDSD’s most memorable feature. This has to be the hi-fi bargain of the year!”

There is little we can add to this fabulous citation – suffice to say that we have tried very hard to design and develop our own products and the nano iDSD epitomises all the hard work that we have put into it.

We shall be making the short flight from London to Berlin on 5th September to collect the award at the Berlin Kempinski Hotel. So watch this space!

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