Pro iCAN

Pro iCAN

By professionals. For professionals.

iFi audio Pro iCAN
Our flagship headphone amp is studio-level quality which means it’s the only amp you’ll ever need.

What more can we say about the Pro iCAN other than it’s used by Professional Audio engineers?

Music to your ears.

Sennheiser? Focal? Audeze? Your classic reference headphones?  Your easy every day over ears?

No problem.

The Pro iCAN takes on all comers and enhances your music until it sounds like you have the band or orchestra playing live in your head.

Pro iCAN Headphone Amp by ifi Audio

Discover perfection.

The Pro iCAN performs as stylishly as it looks, and with the biggest artists using it the world over, the search for your next headphone amplifier is over.

The tech spec.

The Pro iCAN will rock your headphones because it’s fully balanced, meaning exceptional quality and minimal interference, plus it has built-in X-Bass and 3D+.

Music is cleaner, deeper and more dynamic.

Think that’s all it’s got?

Think again, the Pro iCAN comes with Solid-State, and Tube amplifier options for unbeatable sonics.

No matter what song you choose, it’s like you’re listening to a live recording!


The Pro iCAN is as a top-of-the-line, headphone amplifier that drives anything and everything – from CIEMs through to the most difficult to drive headphone ever made, the AKG K-1000.

Gain is adjustable from 0dB/9dB/18dB. The Pro iCAN can output more than 10V in Single-Ended mode and 20V in Balanced-mode. The 20V mode is equivalent 100W into a 40 Ohm speaker.

Power like no other. Super-powerful 14,000mW headphone output power.

A fully discrete and balanced amplifier audio circuit. It operates with full-differential internal signaling.

All the way through the circuit, there is always two separate signals of equal level but opposite polarity.

The iFi exclusive S-Balanced topology makes its debut in the flagship Pro iCAN. It delivers the maximum performance from single-ended and balanced headphones alike.

Reap the benefits of balanced, enjoy lower distortion and reduced crosstalk on headphones.

You can enjoy both the sound of Solid-State and Tubes in a single package and be able to switch in real-time. For some recordings and headphones/loudspeakers, Solid-State may sound ‘more lively.’ For others, Tube and Tube+ (especially Tube+) will sound more ‘luxurious.’ Select the one that sounds best for that particular moment, be it the recording, the mood or even the weather.

There are two tube settings; Tube and Tube+. The Tube+ position reduces overall loop-gain and thus negative feedback to the minimum. This gives a different trade-off between the tube’s natural harmonics and the transient performance.

An ‘Out of Head’ listening experience. Our 3D Holographic® dual-analogue matrices place the artist with you in the room, not just in your headphones.

Sonically superior - richer, deeper.

XBass® analogue bass correction system corrects for the missing headphone/speaker bass response.


Gain: 0dB, 9dB and 18dB user-selectable
Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 500kHz(-3dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD, Balanced/Single-Ended, S-BAL): Balanced SE (S-Bal)
Solid-State: ≤0.0015% ≤0.005%
Tube: ≤0.002% ≤0.005%
Tube+: ≤0.012% ≤0.2%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR, Balanced/Single-Ended, S-BAL): >147dB(A) / > 137dB(A)
HP Output Impedance Balanced: < 2 Ohm
Single-Ended, S-BAL: < 1 Ohm
Output Power (16Ω, Balanced/Single-Ended, S-BAL): >14,000mW / >4,800mW
Output Voltage (600Ω, Balanced/Single-Ended, S-BAL): >23V / >11.5V
Input Voltage (Pro iCAN): DC 9V/6.7A – 18V/3.35A
Input Voltage (iPower Plus): AC 85 – 265V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: ≤ 22W idle, 50W max.
Dimensions: 213(l) x 192.5(w) x 63.3(h) mm
Weight: 1.93kg (4.3lbs)
Test conditions: Gain = 0dB, 0.775V(0dBu) with 300 Ohm load unless stated otherwise SNR Balanced re 23V, SNR SE S-BAL re. 11.5V


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“The Pro iCAN outclasses some headphone amplifiers both in design and sound and in the direction of performance”

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Most versatile balanced headphone amp

…Now enter the iCan! I decided it might be time to try to have a more compact desktop setup for work, so I finally settled on this as it met the half rack dimensions of my other components and I liked the idea of having fully balanced setup and a lot of options…

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Paired with the iCAN, the dark, heavy tones and pained guitar solo oozed emotion and feeling, even more so when swapping away from the iCAN’s hybrid setup to tube only where the presentation takes on a slightly softer, warmer tone. I’ve listened to this album countless times over the years, front to back. Never was I pulled in quite to the same extent as I was when experiencing it again through the Susvara and iCAN. It was something truly special.

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iFi Pro iCAN Review

The first product in their Pro series, the iFi Pro iCan has a plethora of options, from input to output.

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