micro iDAC2
micro iDAC2
iFi audio micro iDAC2
The micro iDAC2 is our home, desktop DAC and headphone amplifier. It will improve the sound of your music.

Our iDAC2 fits perfectly into any home system. Whether you are a computer audio buff or prefer a big rig, the iDAC2 is the DAC for you.

Variety is the spice of life

Is your heavy metal feeling a little lightweight? Your Jagger jaded? Or does your ambient lack atmosphere? Then we have the very thing.

The micro iDAC2 is a precise, one box solution for people who like quality music – whatever the genre.

iFi audio micro iDAC2

Future perfect

The micro iDAC2 plays high quality music files up to DSD256. File formats remain unchanged to deliver Bit Perfect playback.

Plus it is MQA compatible out of the box via Tidal Masters on your computer.

No need to upgrade for a long time to come.

Solid as a rock

Whether you choose to use it as a DAC amp or purely as a solid-state DAC, it will not let you down. Connect via USB.

You music will feel more natural, more textured, more alive.

ifi Audio Micro iDAC2

She’s alive

The soundstage the micro iDAC2 produces is vast, making your music sound as if it is coming from outside the width of your speakers or the confines of your headphones.

Connect via RCA or 3.5mm respectively, close your eyes and enjoy the orchestra in your living room.

Super. Sonics.

Couple the above with an ultra powerful dual-mono headphone amplifier – 2.4V/350mW, military grade Active Noise Cancellation, high-grade components and solid casing, well, there’s not much left to say.

The micro iDAC2 puts the super into supersonic.

This precise, analogue volume control is normally found on items at a much higher price point. Its transparent sonic nature delivers a smooth sound with no loss in music retrieval. It delivers the sonic goods.

Zero Jitter® equals good audio. Is it essential to have a very precisely buffered digital signal before it goes to a DAC.

We pushed the envelope even further by doing this not only with the nano iDSD BL‘s USB input, but the rest of the digital interfaces as well.

An important aspect of the circuit design is its direct-coupled nature (no coupling capacitor is present), achieved without a conventionally applied DC servo.

DirectDrive® equals a direct signal path which means less signal degradation. This direct signal path is unequalled in audio and is the reason why the sound is so ‘true’.

Quiet! Active Noise Cancellation+® (ANC+) at work!

Exceptionally quiet power. The measured noise floor is 100x quieter than the common noise filter.

We use the USB Type-A connector as it provides a more stable audio connection for better playback and because of the OTG cable for Android and CCK Lightning to USB cable for Apple. The 3.5mm coaxial/TOSLINK combo SPDIF input allows connection to older DAPs and CD players.

The Burr-Brown True Native® chipset means file formats remain unchanged or ‘bit-perfect’. This means you are listening to music as the artist intended in the format in which it was recorded.

At iFi we use Burr Brown extensively in our products having selected it for its natural-sounding ‘musicality’ and True Native architecture. Our experience with this IC means we know how to make the most of it.

Hi-Res True Native® playback of all music formats from MP3 to DSD256, PCM384 and DXD384.

Listen to Master Quality Authenticated audio straight out of the box. Connect to Tidal Masters and check the option to stream MQA.

MQA is an award-winning audio technology that enables music fans to stream the original master recording into their home, car or on their mobile. In the words of Gilbert O’Sullivan, iconic Irish-born singer-songwriter, “The great thing about MQA is that it delivers the finesse that was there in the desk sound. It’s tremendous, it sounds really good.”

Our video tutorials on You Tube show you how.


Input: USB3.0 (USB2.0 compatible)
Output: SPDIF RCA (only PCM up to 192KHz)
Audio RCA
3.5mm Headphone
Formats: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/384KHz PCM
2.8/3.1/5.6/6.2/11.2/12.4MHz DSD
353/384KHz DXD
DAC: Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD DAC by Burr Brown (1-DAC Chip; 2-Channel; 4-Signals)
-PCM: Bit-Perfect/Minimum Phase/Standard, Digital filters selectable
-DSD: Extreme/Extended/Standard, Analogue filters selectable
-DXD: Bit-Perfect Processing, Fixed Analogue filter

Line Section

Output: 2.1V (+/-0.05V) fixed
Zout: < 39 Ohm
SNR: > 114dB(A) @ 0dBFS
THD+N: < 0.0025% @ 0dBFS (100k Load)
< 0.025% @ 0dBFS (600R Load)

Headphone Section

Output: > 350mW (2.40V) into 16R (<10% THD+N)
> 34mW (3.20V) into 300R (< 0.1% THD+N)
Output Impedance (Zout): < 2 Ω
THD+N: < 0.0025% (1V into 16 Ohm, 0dBFS)
SNR: > 114dBA (3.2V into 16 Ohm, 0dBFS)
Power consumption: <1.5W
Dimensions: 158(l)x68(w)x28(h)mm
Weight: 265g(0.58 lbs)


It sounds wonderful

We recommend the iDAC2 as being worthy of purchase. It pairs particularly well with other iFi products – we love using it with the iCAN SE…

* Delivers on audio quality
* Versatile and adaptable
* Comes with accessories that let you get going in minutes

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