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Unique Double Dose – before
and after galvanic isolation
True Native USB chipset
Ultra audiophile grade (0.5uV)
super quiet power supply
Galvanic Isolated
5.0Gbps USB3.0 Superspeed
Ensures the iGalvanic3.0
suits different systems

The iGalvanic3.0 is a ground-up design with full-galvanic isolation on USB3.0 and USB2.0. It is a through and through ultra audiophile-grade galvanic isolation device aimed purely at computer audiophile systems and nothing else.

“Galvanic isolation is a design technique that separates electrical circuits completely to eliminate stray or noise currents. Signals can pass between galvanically isolated circuits, but stray or noise currents, such as differences in ground potential or currents induced in AC power, are blocked.”

It is these stray currents that create noise in the system. Although iFi audio and others have created devices that kill noise, achieving galvanic isolation on USB3.0 is the ‘holy grail’ of computer audio. It has been sought by many but never actually achieved. Until now! The iGalvanic3.0 is the ultimate one-stop USB enhancement solution for every computer audiophile:

1. Audiophile-grade galvanic isolation.

2. REclock2/REgenerate2/REbalance2.

3. Clean USB ultra power supply*.


*Measured noise floor is 0.5uV(0.0000005V). bettered only by the iFi’s own micro iUSB3.0(0.1uV).

•   Breaks ground loops

•   Avoids noise-coupling in applications that require hi-speed USB transfers

•   Dramatically improves sonic performance

•   Can be dialed into ANY computer audio system

The iGalvanic3.0 is the perfect solution for computer audiophiles through to recording studios seeking maximum sound quality from their USB digital audio system.

Double REclock2/REgenerate2/REbalance2®
As USB is a bi-directional protocol, iGalvanic3.0’s provides unique double REgenerate/REclock/Rebalance before AND after galvanic isolation, this ensures perfection transmission on both upstream and downstream.
5.0Gbps USB3.0 Superspeed
No need to sacrifice USB transfer speed to enjoy the benefit of full galvanic isolation. With separate transmitting AND receiving lines, the USB3.0 is vast superior to USB2.0 at handling high data volumes.
Stealth Converter
Built-in super low noise-floor (0.5uV) audiophile grade USB power with Panasonic OS-CONs capacitors cable of beefy 900mA supply. For the best performance, this Stealth Converter is completely galvanic isolated too.
Ground Link
All computer audio systems are different. This is why the iGalvanic3.0 is dedicated for computer audio use and incorporates Ground Link (ISO, RF, DC-RF). A flick of the switch optimses isolation in systems where there is no, one or multiple Grounds(Earths) which cause hum and/or buzz.
Zero Delay®
A highly advanced isolation technology, without any added conversion, processing, timing uncertainties or delays etc.; native, Bit-Perfect with minimal latency.


Output Voltage: 5V ± 3% @ 500mA load
Output Current: Up to 900mA (on USB3.0 port WITH USB3.0 cable). Up to 500mA (on USB2.0 port)
Output Noise floor: 0.5uV(0.0000005V) @ 500mA load
Ground Connection: ISO, RF, DC-RF
USB Standards: USB 3.0 Super-speed 5.0Gbps
USB 2.0 Hi-speed 480Mbps
USB 2.0 Full-speed 12Mbps
USB 2.0 Low-speed 1.5Mbps
Connector host-side: USB 3.0 B-Type
Connector device-side: USB 3.0 A-Type
Input Voltage: DC 4.5V to 5.5V USB Bus Power
Power consumption: < 6W (includes powered USB device)
Electrical Safety Standard: BS 7671:2008 ELV
Isolation Device max Voltage: 3000 Vrms Isolation Voltage per UL 1577
Dimensions: 93 (l) x 67 (w) x 28 (h) mm
Weight: 128g (0.28lbs)
Warranty period: 12months
User Manual Discovering the Holy Grail Max out your system, your way!

micro iDSD BL 5 Stars
YES, YES, YES! Bought his to use with my iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/AMP. You’re not aware of the grit, grain, and electronic hash coming from your laptop via USB cable. I mean this iGalvanic3 took my DAC/AMP to another level. It mattered not the source. I mean even music off YouTube sounds amazing. Streaming Tidal Master Class is incredible too. I was thinking to myself, “So this is what the high-end sounds like….wow.” I thought this would replace the iFi iPurifier2 but come to find out, I was able to leave that in the chain with the iGalvanic3 and get even better sound than the iGalvanic3 by itself. However the iGalvanic3, by itself, does 75% of the difference. I’m just using el-Cheapo blue USB cables too–still incredible.

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Many thanks you S. WATSON for your review


iGalvanic3.0 – a stand-alone interface for isolating digital data from a computer’s USB port.

It is certainly one of the most efficient to purify the USB link…it fulfils the role of three other toys, whose prices put end-to-end are more expensive than the iGalvanic alone!”

Many thanks Laurent Thorin, Vumetre and iFi France (Elite Diffusion) for your awesome review.

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nano iGaLvanic3.0 Accessories
• 3.5mm rubber feet
• USB cable
• Warranty Card
• User Manual
• STS Card