Accessory – Ear Buddy

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Crank up the digital volume
control for better tunes.

Get the full High Res experience – recover the lost 2Bits of resolution.

Just plug in and play. No more annoying hisses or pops.

Special earplugs, airplane adapter and personal travel pouch.

Do your headphones suffer from hiss and pops or an irritating loud blast?

You need Ear Buddy®– the hiss busting sidekick and model companion from iFi.


Perfect for:

•  In-flight systems

•  Smartphones

•  Computers

•  A/V systems

•  High-end audio systems


How to use

Ear Buddy® fits between your Smartphone/Digital Audio Player and your headphones.

Just plug in and play.



Audible benefits

The Ear Buddy® gets rid of annoying hisses and buzzes and allows you to turn up your digital volume to a higher level to improve resolution and quality without making you deaf!


And for those who like a bit more tech with their cuppa…

With your Smartphone or DAP, normally you probably listen to music with the digital volume control set at 60%. This means you have lost 2Bits of resolution. Basically, it’s like watching HD TV with some of the pixels from the screen missing. It’s okay – but you are not getting what you paid for.

You can turn it up to full volume but your ears (or the people around you) would not thank you for it. Adding the Ear Buddy® ‘attenuates’ or adjusts the volume and safely allows you to crank up the digital volume on your smartphone or DAP without painful consequences! This equals more music information being conveyed and gives you back those 2Bits and the full High Res music experience!

Technical example:

All smart devices use a digital volume control. The very nature of digital volume controls means that at normal 50% listening levels, the actual resolution is 14-Bits instead of 16-Bits!

If a source has (say) 114dB dynamic range and the Headphone is 30dB too loud, once the volume has been turned down 30dB the dynamic range is reduced to 84dB, or below CD quality, from what is an excellent result for a high-solution source.


Bye bye hiss

Hiss is very annoying when listening with headphones. This is caused by the mismatch between too much power from the smartphone/DAP when used with headphones which are high sensitivity.

The solution by IFI is to ‘attenuate’ or adjust the signal that cuts out the hiss and puts the enjoyment back into listening.


Ready for rocking all over the world

Included in the Ear Buddy® packaging are:

i.      Gold-plated airplane adapter (to enjoy in-flight movies)

ii.     Memory-foam contoured ear plugs (-37dB) for peace and quiet when travelling

iii.    Personal travel pouch

We try to think of all scenarios. The EarBuddy is fully prepared for use on the ground and in the air!


High-Gain(-16dB) sensitivity adjustment

6N copper matrix wiring

Gold-plated printed circuit board with audiophile components (eg MELF resistors)

Gold-plated 3.5mm male/female connectors

Input Impedance: > 16 Ohm

Output Impedance: < 2.7 Ohms

Amplifier Loading: ~18 Ohm

conditions:16R headphone/iem connected < 1R Amplifier output impedance

Compatible Headphone impedance: 16 Ohm to 600 Ohm rated impedance

12.5 Ohm minimum impedance

Weight:Weight: 6.0 g

Total Length: 116mm

Warranty period: 12 months


User Manual Tech Notes
Ear-Buddy – Goodbye hiss!
“The Ear-Buddy is well built and solved all my issues. I get much better volume control with IEM’s. It works, plain and simple. It is a well thought-out little adaptor and one that you cannot go wrong for the price.”

Many thanks Sound Perfection Reviews for your wicked review


Ear-Buddy – Sensitive Headphones’ best friend!

“The Ear-Buddy is a nifty device which you can plug your headphones in and its aim is to remove background noise and to make it possible to recover the ‘lost bits’ when using digital volume adjustment. I found the Ear-Buddy to be extremely useful….it deserves every praise and my full recommendation.”

Many thanks Soundphile Review for your awesome review


Perfect little high quality in-line attenuator

“Ear-Buddy is a useful tool if you experience hiss when using a DAP, phone or DAC/AMP. It simply performs as advertised. Reducing hiss and hence allowing for enjoyable listening sessions. It works!”

Many thanks Expatinjapan for your wicked review


Perfect little high quality in-line attenuator


Transparent attenuation in a compact form factor with nice build quality.

I finally gave up on my Shure in-line volume control for it’s I love my fancy earphones and their exceptional sound performance, but I struggle with the sensitivity in “normal” use environments. Plugged into phones and iPods the background hiss emerges. Plugged into airplanes entertainment systems the leveling blows your head off during announcements.

For years I’ve been carrying around a Shure in-line volume contro (from their travel kit) with mixed results. They have mediocre build quality, unpredictable operation, and noisy pass-through when paired with top-end in-ears. I wanted a fixed level of attentuation with more attention to sound quality. (Bonus: this thing comes with a two-prong airplane adapter with the best build quality I’ve ever seen!)

Well here it is, this is my new go-to. The iFi Ear-Buddy has been great in initial testing. It feels great, it looks nice, it’s compact, it’s got no controls to screw up. Perfect. Perfect level of attenuation too, I drive my phone at full volume and it’s just barely too loud for casual listening.

The advertised intention is to allow your DACs to drive at higher output, pulling more bits from the data stream and improving sound quality. This has been evident on lower quality systems in testing, though I don’t honestly notice the purported jump from 14 to 16 bit sound in most of my setups.
Mostly I notice that the SPL is now way above the DAC noise floor, so there’s less background hiss in quiet sections.

Overall a very reasonable buy for improved experience over any comparable competition for in-line attenuation.

Thank you ProPlugin for this wicked review.


Ear Buddy Accessories
• pouch
• aircraft socket adapter
• Earplugs
• Warranty Card
• User Manual