Why does my virus software flag the driver as a potential threat

Firstly, it should be stated that ifi’s USB driver is a safe and reliable software that will not cause any adverse malfunctions to your computer.

There are generally three situations when an antivirus software identifies a virus or gives an alert

1. False alarm problem: It may be caused by incomplete or untimely updates of the identification algorithm of the antivirus software.

2. Unknown file: This may be because the ifi driver file is newly released or uncommon. This can cause antivirus software to fail to recognize it and classify it as a potential threat.

3. Suspicious behavior: This may be caused by the driver’s need to interact with the system core and perform sensitive operations. Because it performs actions that are considered suspicious or dangerous, the virus software may flag it as a threat.


It is recommended that users add files to the trust list of antivirus software to solve this problem

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