SPDIF – Shed more information?

Question: It states that the coaxial digital output is PCM 192kHz, is this PCM 24 bit or is it variable depending on source from 16 to 32bit?

Answer: SPDIF only transfers up to 24/192kHz ,so if you see 32 bit, that may be difficult as it’s based upon the SPDIF protocol.

Question: If the source is 24 bit is it down-sampled or kept at 24 bit?

Answer: Up to 24/192kHz it keeps it original.

Question: Is the digital coaxial output bit-perfect compared to the USB PCM source? As in the signal is not going from digital > analogue -> digital, instead USB digital > digital SPDIF.

Answer: Yes, bit-perfect as the Burr-Brown does not perform internal conversion otherwise it would defeat the object.

Question: The iDSD nano can work with all types of inputs (PCM, DSD, DXD) using USB port but on SPDIF coaxial output it will be only PCM and what will be with DSD/DXD? Would they will be convert to PCM as well?

Answer: SPDIF only transmits PCM. Hence, you have to setup the software to convert. This is related to the technology/protocol of SPDIF that it only transmits PCM. The transmitter/receiver technology is simply not available.

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