Consumption rate

The Bluetooth module consumes around 130mW continuous whilst the XMOS (USB) consumes around 350mW continuous at higher sample rates (less at 44.1k).

The remainder of the xDSD (clock, reclocking, DAC, analogue stages and headphone amplifier) consumes around 740mW continuous, more with high power levels into low impedance headphones.

The battery fitted is nominal 8360mW/H therefore:

  • 6 hours with USB will consume around 6,600 mW/H
  • 8 hours with Bluetooth will consume around 6,960 mW/H
  • 10 hours with SPDIF will consume around 7,400 mW/H

The playback times were rounded to the nearest hour after actual testing. All power consumption will fall within the 8360mW/H range and even a small amount of capacity degradation (10% in the first year) will not impact stated playback times.

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