Enhanced Listening

MP3 to DSD

MP3 to DSD Conversion PDF’s – JRMC & Foobar2K.

Please find attached the pdfs for JRMC and Foobar2K.

Before you begin, please read the user notes at the end of the document.

Can this conversion work for MAC users? Unfortunately not since this is an Asio proxy and Mac OS X only runs on core audio.

Foobar2k MP3 to DSD512.pdf (390.1 kb):

JRMC MP3 to DSD512.pdf (369.4 kb)

Decompressing ‘compressed’ recordings

Try Audacity along with the ReLife plug-in from Terry West to ‘decompress’ your compressed recordings* (and reduce the level of the recording at the same time).

We all have our favourite recordings that are unfortunately compressed to heck.

This works a treat for compressed recordings – for well-recorded ones, no need to ‘Re-Life’ them.

But don’t expect to turn a Lady Gaga recording into a JVC XRCD recording but this sure makes them far more enjoyable!

Download this and install: http://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/

Download this and install this plug-in into Audacity: http://terrywest.nl/utils.html

Computer Audio Software – setups

DSD native instructions (Foobar-ASIO).pdf

DSD Native instructions (JRMC-ASIO).pdf

JRMC MP3 to DSD512.pdf

Foobar2k MP3 to DSD512.pdf

DoP instructions (JRMC 18+19).pdf

DSD Asio instructions (Foobar-ASIO) v1_2.pdf