The flickering LED photography lights issue solved with iPowerX and iPower

The nature of the problem with flickering LED photography lights

flickering LED photography lightsThe modern-day photographer may experience significant variations in exposure when photographing or filming at fast shutter speeds – a phenomenon commonly known as the flickering LED photography lights.

The source of the problem

Artificial lights often emit light in different intensities and wavelengths. It is usually caused by the fluctuations in the incoming AC power in the wall socket and the wrong type of the LED power supply for your light fitting.

The solution of the problem

The easiest and most affordable solution is to match your LED lights with a LED-compatible constant current or a constant voltage power supply — see video

A constant current LED driver such as the ultra-clean power iPowerX or iPower will ensure that the current supplied to the LED light fitting remains constant, regardless of any fluctuations at the power point. As they are also constant voltage power supplies they will adjust the output voltage accordingly at the input and output stage.

iPowerX and iPower offer a 1,000x more power-stable solution than the standard SMPS wall adapters, completely eliminating the issue of the flickering light.

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