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Welcome to iFi audio

We passionately believe that everyone deserves the best when it comes to sound. Our products are made to high technological standards to give you an authentic, passionate and empowering music experience. Hear it. Feel it.

Cable Adapters


Do your earphones suffer from pop and hiss? Sound quality just not quite ‘there’ at normal listening levels?You need the iEMatch+

The NEO Complete Experience

Purchase a NEO iDSD and receive a Meze 99 NEO, saving £199Experience unmatched synergy with the NEO Complete Experience. Explore the boundless potential of the NEO iDSD, seamlessly integrated with the Meze 99 NEO for an enhanced experience. Elevate your audio with this exclusive pairing!
Power Cables


Does your system suffer from an irritating buzz or hum that decreases when you touch it?It’s missing an earth/ground. You need the Groundhog+.
Mains Output

DC Blocker

The amplifier is the heart of your system.If you have a mechanical hum, deploy the DC Blocker.
LED Calculator
Determine the meaning of the LED colour on your iFi audio devices