Sounded so good….Says DJ Trevor from Maryland, USA using the Level 5 iFi sound improvement!

We received some kind comments from Trevor a DJ from Maryland, USA with Level 5 iFi products and we thought to share!

Level 5 includes: 1 x Mercury USB cable, 1 x iUSB Power, 1 x Gemini Dual-Headed USB Cable, 1 x iPurifier and 2 x iTube.

“Did some testing with your products over the weekend. I did a nightclub testing with the level 5 Serato upgrade as shown on your website. Setup the Gemini, Mercury, iPurifier and iUSB to my SL3 box and then the two iTubes to a Pioneer DJM 900 mixer. The result was really impressive….The room I played in fits about a 100 people, it was packed. I’ve played on that system, in that particular room in the club for about 3 years now. So I’m well aware of how it sounds, and it sounded so good the other night…The bass clarity, and the low midrange sounded so good. I play alot of older music that I record from vinyl to .wav and it really brought out alot of good character in the room.”

“The second test I performed was a private holiday party I did on Sunday night….Sounded really cool too, it was a strange room with alot of high windows (a rooftop lounge kinda deal) but i didnt have any issues. Sounded deep and warm…So thats my little review. Keep up the great work. Gonna recommend your products to my Dj and audio friends. Attached is a picture I took of the sunday night setup.”

Thanks Trevor! Keep the party going!

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