iCan Micro SE & The Classics 99 by Meze – “Designed for each other”


“Micro ICAN SE is a reboot of the already recognised and appreciated Micro ICAN…..This ICAN Special Edition is also equipped with proprietary 3D circuits Holographic Sound and XBass somewhat revisited. The recordings are essentially made to be reproduced through acoustic speakers that recreate a spatial ambience in front of the listener…..The association iFi and Meze has revealed to us very beautiful sound surprises. Class A of the small amplifier Micro ICAN SE has released an enormous musicality to which The 99 Classics headphone has provided support Masterful and unconditional. No false notes therefore, for this couple whose protagonists seem to have been designed for each other.”

Translated with Google

Special thanks to Par Laurent Thorin, Vumetre (http://vumetre.com/), iFi:France (Elite Diffusion), Meze!



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