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ZEN air Blue from iFi audio

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ZEN air DAC from iFi audio
The ZEN Air DAC (The SuperSounding One) 

Hear your music like never before. Imagine taking your SD TV to Ultra 8k! Well, the ZEN Air DAC does just that, but for your music.

Converting digital sound to pure analog, this beautiful little device packs a punch like no other in its price range. Simply hook it up to your laptop or smartphone and output the purest sound to headphones or speakers. This little device really does do it all. RRP £99

The ZEN Air CAN (The Headphones One)

The ZEN Air CAN is a powerful, hi-res, home analog amplifier that can take your headphone sound and boost it for clarity and volume. It has two headphone ports; 6.3mm & 4.4mm S-Balanced.

Not everyone has balanced headphones, so the ZEN Air CAN uses iFi’s own S-Balanced technology to give you all the benefits of a balanced connection. It contains XBASS sonic tailoring to extend the base response to suit different headphones and  XSPACE! An analog headphone spatialiser that opens up your music to give you the spaciousness of a live-concert atmosphere. RRP £99

ZEN Air CAN from iFi audio
ZEN air Blue from iFi audio
The ZEN Air Blue (The Bluetooth One)

Want to stream your Apple, Spotify, Roon, or Tidal audio in high-res without destroying the quality of your music? The ZEN Air Blue can do just that. Operating at the highest audio resolution level of any Bluetooth system, the ZEN Air Blue creates stunning audio streams for amplifiers and speakers. RRP £99

The ZEN Air Phono (The Vinyl One)

Built for those who love to listen to music that’s good for their soul, vinyl. The ZEN Air Phono is a ‘phono stage’, also called a ‘phono pre-amp’. It purifies the sound between the turntable and the amplifier.  

It uses a unique subsonic filter to drive away any warp on your records, removing the rumble, and hiss, but not the bass. It has two settings to cater to both, Moving Magnet, and Moving Coil turntables. It also has a precise RIAA equalization setting to satisfy even the most demanding vinyl lovers. RRP £99

ZEN Air Phono from iFi audio

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