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Welcome to the brand new iFi website. iFi is the “baby brand” of Abbingdon Music Research (AMR), a high-end audio manufacturer. Our brand promise is "great sound for everyone." We hope you enjoy our site and our products even more.

Sound Improvement

iFi thinks out of the box and with its DNA stretching beyond the 2-channel sector, its products elevate sound quality not only for audio, but also DJ and pro audio applications. Just enter this section and click on the product area of your choice for our recommended sonic upgrade path.
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Technical Notes

All iFi products have unique signature features or options. The following Technical Notes highlight the most salient features: why, how and where they are best deployed.
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What's On

  • “The Pro iESL – iFi Audio electrostatic energiser!”
    “Additional task that Pro iESL can meet is the ability to connect a pair of speaker connectors running from the column amplifier.” http://hifiphilosophy.com/newsy-pro-iesl-energizer-elektrostatyczny-marki-ifi-audio/ Thank you Hifi Philosophy and iFi Poland (Camax) your write up! Translated with Google....
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