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ZEN DAC wins ‘Best Value DAC’ EISA Award 2020-21

ZEN DAC — DAC/headphone amplifier

The ZEN DAC is a winner.

We are proud to announce that our ZEN DAC has won a highly coveted EISA Award. EISA stands for Expert Imaging and Sound Association and their annual awards are an industry highlight. The ZEN DAC won the ‘Best Value DAC’ Award!

Watch the winner’s video here.

We’d like to thank the EISA team and you guys out there for making the ZEN DAC and the rest of the ZEN series a huge success.

In the words of the EISA judges…

The appeal of the iFi audio ZEN DAC is simple: with eye-catching looks, flexibility, solid engineering within and a remarkably grown-up sound, this entry-level DAC is a conspicuous hi-fi bargain.

It proves that desktop audio doesn’t have to be the poor relation of ‘proper’ hi-fi, and is a real giant-killer, whether as a DAC/headphone amp or a simple digital preamp.

Buy this to boost the sound of your computer, and you may well find you’re listening to it most of the time. Best of all, it does all this at a very affordable price – this is amazing value for money.

Discover the full iFi audio ZEN range today. 

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