The iFi audio Pro iDSD is a must for any music lover

What a beautifully subtle, or subtly beautiful, or beautifully subtle whilst also being subtly beautiful, or subtly beautiful whilst also being beautifully subtle box you left me with last week.

The iFi audio Pro iDSD is a must for any music lover.

The analogue output stages are as sweet as anything I have ever heard with the valve+ setting being my preferred favourite across different styles of music that I’m involved in.

The input filtering stages and up-scaling settings are worth a little investigation, regarding the type of material I played through it, but I always find something I like. All settings seem to give a wider dynamic and clearer range, some better than others, depending on the type of material.

I have been experimenting with mixes I’m working on at present and have had some exceptional results. By just using the iDSD as a D/A and adjusting the input settings as I feel appropriate and then re-recording the analogue output back into my system, it has a sweet effect!

Yet again, you have come up with another gem — one I feel I can’t do without. It really is worth the difference!

Bill Gautier.

Here’s the name dropping bit…

Bill has worked in a wide variety of studio audio production disciplines and for the last twenty years, specifically in the music side of life. Bill was trained by the BBC in London more than 40 years ago and owned his own company of post-production facilities with two partners which spanned London, New York and Los Angeles. He retired from this company in 2001 and has since spent time developing new, up-and-coming artists in his own studio.

Bill has had the very greatest privilege of working with some of the finest artists this generation has seen, just a few of these include Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits, Paul McCartney/Wings/Apple, Robert Smith/The Cure, Fleet Foxes, John Grant, Stephanie Dosen, Westlife, The Blues Band, Chris Rea, Vetiver, Pink Floyd, Brian May, Snowbird, Stevie Williamson, Paul Jones and Syco, plus Island and Bella Union labelled artists, just to name a few.

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