Steps: Firmware Upgrade

● Instructions to update firmware on Mac OSX

1. Go to here and download the Mac OSX Firmware Update program/s.
2. Then ‘double-click’ on the DFU disk image to load it.
3. Then ‘double-click’ on the firmware updater program.
    If you receive a message that the program is blocked from running, please use Option + Click on the Program to get the menu and select Open. You can     then choose to unblock the program.
4. Please do not shut down your Mac or disconnect the iFi device from your Mac while the Firmware update program is running. Depending on your system     speed it should complete within a few minutes at most.
5. Once your iFi device has been successfully updated, you will see the following message on screen:


6. If for whatever reason the Firmware update is not successful, you will see:

In this case please check all connections, make sure your iFi USB Audio Device is connected to your Mac and recognised as sound device. Make sure you are not currently playing music or other sounds via your iFi USB Audio device. Please try again. If the error persists, contact support.


How to check Firmware version of iFi products on Mac OSX?

1) Click on the apple icon on the system bar.
2) Select “About this Mac”.
3) Click the “System Report” Button.
4) Find “USB” under “Hardware” and select it.
5) Find “iFi (by AMR) HD USB Audio” and select it.
6) Look at “Version:”.

● Instructions to update firmware on Windows


1. Ensure you have the latest iFi Windows Driver (v2.20 or above) .
2. Has downloaded a good need to update the firmware.
3. Connect the MICRO iDSD to a Windows computer.

Step 1: Run the upgrade program

It is NOT possible to double-click on the “idsdv406.bin” (it will NOT autorun).

Located here: C: Program Files>iFi>USB_HD_Audio_Driver

C:\Program Files\iFi\USB_HD_Audio_Driver\iFiHDUSBAudio_dfuapp.exe


Step 2: Load the firmware file

Load the firmware file “idsd_v406.bin” by pressing the “Browse…” button.

Step 3: Upgrading the firmware

Upgrade the firmware by clicking “Start”.

When it is done, it will say “Firmware upgrade finished successfully.”

After the upgrade, please unplug the micro iDSD from your computer and completely power OFF the micro iDSD before first use.

Note: On some computers, one needs to perform the upgrade process twice for the upgrade to be successful. After the first go, the firmware version may still report it has the original version, in which case, press “Start” again to perform another upgrade and the firmware version should be correctly upgraded to v4.06. sometimes it just takes two attempts)

If you have any further questions, please open a support ticket here: