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Turbocharge your headphones like a Boss.

From funky portables and desktop devices, our range DAC range boasts state-of-the-art technology and has something for everyone.


Enjoy the silence.

iFi’s noise-busting digital products will rid you of the annoying audio gremlins that disrupt your listening. Whether it’s the ground-loop defying iDefender+, or the signal-smoothing iPurifer3, we will help you beat the noise blues.


Amplify. Electrify. Clarify.

Amplify your music and your enjoyment of it with iFi’s headphone amps. Bring warmth to your listening with tubes or simply rid yourself of buzz and hum to max out the potential of your headphones.


Clean the fuel behind the tunes.

Our range of active power products has one aim in mind – to give you clean, quiet, interference-free power. Your music will sounded clearer, more dynamic. Passive power is a thing of the past.


Audio tech that looks as good as it sounds.

Music makes us feel good. Good design gives us goosebumps. Our lifestyle range, featuring the show-stopping Aurora combines both the foot-tapping feel and the wow factor in one device. Smiles all round.


Squish audio gremlins.

From cables and Groundhogs to modular stacks — we’ve got you covered. They solve the ‘audio gremlins’ to reduce the audio loss in any system. Our tech even extends to a good night’s sleep with iFi’s premium ear plugs. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

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