Theaudiophileman reviews the iPurifier 2!

“In effect, this is a long review of what, essentially, is a very simple process: to remove or lower noise from your music. The iFi iPurifier2 does that and does it well, reducing the sonic rubbish to allow your music to flow. What this compact little object gives you back in terms of sonics is the important subtleties. Those bits of the music that add character to a performance, that give it human qualities, that add a sense of emotion or frailty. The bits, in effect, that transform it from a robotic performance to something that engages you. This little box does all of these things and does it well enough to convince me to carry it around as an important part of my audiophile mobile music hardware set-up. Now I know what it does, I don’t want to go back.”
Thank you Paul Rigby!