“The iFi Pro iCAN is a mixed Tube and Solid-State Headphone Amplifier”. A review by John Grandberg on innerfidelity.

” Pro iCAN makes it a pretty unique entry on the upper tier of headphone amplifier…The iCan pro has a optional link to connect iFi audio’s, Pro ESL energiser, capable of powering electro statics. Interesting!…The Pro iCAN aims to compete with the best headphone amps these days…Pro ICAN could theoretically be seen as a bargain…there’s a ton of functionality packed into this thing….the Pro iCAN doubles as a preamp, complete with simplistic remote for volume control…the Pro iCAN sports some unique sound enhancement options….Internally, the Pro iCAN is a fully discrete balanced differential design, with a MOSFET-buffered bipolar output stage biased deeply into Class A….iFi has been selling power enhancement and filtration products since their early days, so it’s not surprising to see plenty of attention to detail here.”

Thank you John Gradberg for your thorough review.