“Pros: Very musical and resolving sound, versatility, great bass/treble boost, amazing build quality.”

“…I would like to thank the folks at iFi Audio for organising this EU demo tour and giving us the opportunity to list to the BL….such quality products like the BL…This is a great DAC/AMP. I really like what I was hearing and could not turn it down once I started listening to it…The sound was very enjoyable to my ears. The BL sounds full and musical but withough sacrificing clarity. It has an almost perfect balance of musicality and clarity. The bass hits very, very nicely without sounding bloated. I was really impressed by how good the lows sounded… Great job there iFi. The mids are lush and musical…No complaints there again. The highs feel sparkly…3D switch is a nice touch…BL definitely feels like a step up in dynamics, sonic finesse and overall enjoyment….BL is an amazing device and I was quite amazed by it. In fact, if you are on the market for a DAC/AMP that shoots way about its price and screams ‘QUALITY’, then the BL should definitely be on your shortlist.”

Thank you proedros for your excellent review.