Noobandroid reviews the iCan nano!

Pros: “Portable high power amp, battery powered”

Bass: “Bass is lightweight, just sufficient and accurate. Not much bloat and with good drum kicks heard. Bass guitars can be heard striking heavily, giving the song a little mood that it needs.”

Mid/Vocals: ” Totally love them with the iFi iCan if you love guitar ripping the **** out and head bang to it.Not to say that the vocals are muffled though, dont get me wrong, speech wise it is very clear, i can follow lyrics exactly on point, although strong guitars.”

High notes: “The treble of the iCan is cripsy and sharp”

Sound Stage: “You wouldnt get a grand hall symphonic feeling, but a small audiotorium housing say.. 300 people? You will be positioned roughly in the best seat of a cinema, with even the slight left and rights being accurate as it is.”

Thank you Noobandroid!