Mr. Hakan Cezayirli’s Stereo Mecmuasi reviewed iDAC2 + nano iUSB 3.0 and gemini cable!

20161214-15 iDAC2: “Even on the first hour of playback, you will not regret what you paid. I’m sure many readers will not go into any search for a long time.
From detail level to real instrument tones, has big and good soundstage. Successful DAC in every areas. Must be in your shopping list.”

Nano iUSB 3.0: “Carrying the similar technologies with the big brother, if you wanna go one step further, this is it. DSD 256 playback iDac2 + Nano iUSB3.0 amazing.”

Gemini USB Cable: “if you have the budget and want to get full benefit Gemini recommended”

Thank you Hakan Cezayirli and Dukkan HiFi (iFi:Turkey)!