Micro iDSD Black Label: “it means business..sounds ASTOUNDING.” says Carroll Moore on MajorHiFi !

“Despite being lightweight, the whole machine feels surprisingly solid in my hands….There’s a lot going on with the specs for the iDSD Black Label…this thing is packing some power….the black magic of the iDSD Black Label is real, folks – and it’s immediately apparent that the sound greatly benefits from this DAC…. Bass Boost is natural and nowhere near as under-powered or oppressive as on other DACs. Bit Perfect Processing is no joke, either – the sound at once takes on a new and very precise degree of sharpness and contrast…. The real coup de grace, though, is the 3D Matrix Plus Technology, which turns even my lower-end earbuds into an audio tour-de-force. Recreating an almost holographic sense of placement and depth, it’ll add soundstage to any pair of cans, but sounds ASTOUNDING with open-back models. ..the iDSD Black Label crushes its competition…you’ve got some serious audio business.”