Matthew Yewbrey of Youtube reviews the iFi Micro iDSD and Nano iDSD…..”I can’t recommend it enough”

Nano iDSD: “The Nano though cheaper and slightly smaller, has nice specification and is very light…..It is so simple to get started and comes with very nice quality cable…..It has a really nice design and the built quality is superb….Everything screams quality!…The design is perfect and it is very well built….I can’t recommend it enough…The headphone sounds quite a bit better and has a cleaner signal…..It adds a touch of warmth to your music….I am impressed.”

iDSD Micro: “The Micro is slightly bigger version and has more features…..The sound is better and it is a very good DAC….As usual, everything is included and of great quality…..Nice billboard design and nice finish….Very clear and crisp sound and is feature rich…..Unbelievable how they packed this much stuff into this…The perfect DAC.”

Thank you Matthew for reviewing the Micro iDSD and Nano iDSD!