iUSB3.0 Micro: “best USB regenerator I have ever tested” says HeadMania!

“iFi managed to capture my attention with its latest product in this area, the micro iUSB 3.0, and I am happy to say that I managed to get my hands on a test unit which I’ve been testing in my system for over a month now…….I was overwhelmed when I checked the product page on the iFi Audio website. This product seems to have a lot of features and technology packed inside and some of it sounds pretty impressive!…….The bass with iFi gains more speed, detailed extension and control, but also a very powerful punch and slam. I just can’t get enough of it! The midrange becomes more natural and detailed but also more transparent and clean. Everything from instrument and voice sounds more lively and natural. This is another area where iFi shows a very good improvement, as it manages to take away the glare, digital harshness from this area, leaving it crystal clear, smooth but very detailed and extended…….iUSB3.0 is in another league…….iFi iUSB3.0 is the best USB regenerator I have ever tested.”

Thank you HeadMania!