iSilencer3.0 – If USB audio noise bugs you, get this thing. It works.,

May 24, 2017
Mark R Wietstock
I read all the reviews, and thought a LONG time before buying this gizmo. I recently bought a very IN-expensive remote-controlled, DC-powered MP3 player that runs songs from a USB drive or SD card. It’s a convenient little device, but unfortunately, it also transmits a lot of “jitter” into the audio as it reads MP3 files from the USB drive … a common problem with USB-based audio devices, I guess, because they transmit both power and audio data across the same circuit.

Thus, I had to decide between, e.g., tossing the player; gritting my teeth and living with the noise, or investing five times what the player cost to buy this filter, in the HOPE that it would provide enough noise reduction to make it worth the investment. I’m VERY happy to report … it WAS worth it. This thing actually works. It doesn’t totally eliminate the noise, but substantially reduces it … to the point where it’s hardly noticeable through headphones, and almost completely absent through speakers.

Thank you Mark R Wietstock for your review.