“iFi Micro iTube The Swiss army knife”. A review on Sztereo Sound & Vision by Joseph Brindza.

“The iFi Audio manufactures a variety of useful add-on to the computer so that users can listen to music…improve the sound quality…The iTube appearance, simplicity and just pure functionality serves well…The iFi micro iTube can be connected to anything such as the headphone output of mobile devices as well as your computer…The best sound quality around…The iTube is capable of forming a bridge between different systems…thus taking advantage of the benefits of high impedance input devices connected to widen the scope of your system…The iFi Audio Micro iTube provides premium quality and easily integrated into any systems…Anyone who is thinking to buy a tube amp, or even build, feel free to choose the iTube…”

Thank you Joseph Brindza for your excellent review.

Translated with Google.