iFi micro iDSD or micro iDSD Black-label? Great review by Darktores from Tellement nomade.

“….this Micro IDSD as much as its evolution Black-label give me a great listening pleasure. They are powerful, autonomous, resistant in time thanks to their all-metal short design a beautiful object and a high-performance product!….For iFi-Audio the work done on the first version of the IDSD seemed so fair, and well-designed that they simply did not want to replace the Micro IDSD. They have updated the components, taking care to choose the most recent and the best performers. So they have evolved with some optimizations and adjustments here and there the original model…..the IDSD or the IDSD black each has arguments and gives a lot of fun. On both the dynamics is excellent, one will be more sharp the other will be a can more tolerant!….I think it will not be very useful to continue to divide these two excellent amp / dac.”
Many thanks for an excellent review Darktores.