iFi Micro iDSD Black Label as reviewed by Wojciech Pacuta on High Fidelity.

“The iFis have already got a nickname ‘Swiss Army Penknife….This small device is a digital-to-analog converter, headphone amplifier and line preamplifier…The device is equipped with variable digital and analog filters, step-change output voltage for the headphone output to match the signal strength to their performance, 3D processor + Holographic sound system, XBass + and more…Its heart is two, one per channel, latest Burr Brown DAC converters used in this device…iDSD BL is powered by lithium polymer battery. That’s why it can be treated as a portable device…The sound of the BL transducer has been shaped to sound as cool as a turntable sounds…iDSD BL will fit into both budget and much more expensive systems. Sounds is slightly warm, with emphasis on low diameter…”

Thank you Wojciech Pacuta, Camax (IFI:Poland) & Krzysztof for your excellent review.