“iFi Micro iCAN SE….this thing is powerful.” a review by Carroll Moore on MajorHiFi.

“Encased in a lightweight aluminium shell, the unit itself is light to hold and feels solidly built…cables are robust and not likely to break…the iCAN SE offers more gain settings than other amplifiers in this price range, while the signal-to-noise ratio is also a bit more than normal. Harmonic distortion is wonderfully low and you can bet the clarity is going to be something special…the power put out by this medium-sized amp is enough to drive anything 16 and 600 ohms – allowing the iCAN to be used with just about any headphone….the amp can be used to impart a more realistic and more emotive sound to any track…the qualities of the iCAN SE are noticeable…it can power just about anything, while keeping the sound loud yet clean…Headphone compatibility is very much wide-open on the iCAN SE, and there is a lot of fun to be had in trying out different combinations of headphones with this capable amp….this amp compliments high-performance, high-impedance headphones especially well….this thing is powerful…the performance is top-notch and still at bargain at 299. With plenty of power, it’ll drive any headphones, while also offering the option to impart a more realistic and bassy sound to your music. Our opinion? The iCAN is well worth a look (or a listen).”

Thank you Carroll Moore for you excellent review.